Women in Sport - Fun, Fitness & Footwork

Badminton Ireland's Women in Sport Fun, Fitness & Footwork is a programme designed for beginners who are new to the sport of badminton. 

The primary goal of the Fun, Fitness, and Footwork project is to provide an introductory pathway to badminton for women who previously would have had limited access to the sport. Participants will be supported by creating entry points to the BI club network following completion of the programme in their region.

Participants will be offered the chance to take part in a 4-6 week programme in a venue within their county and will be provided with equipment for the duration of the programme.

Counties Collaborated with so far:

Cork Sports Partnership (please see below, videos and session plans from this virtual programme)

Galway Sports Partnership (virtual)

Don't worry, we have the session plans below that were completed by participants:

Week One Session Plan

Week Two Session Plan

Week Three Session Plan

Week Four Session Plan


If you would like to follow along with our coach, please click the links below for each of the sessions:

Week One Video

Week Two Video

Week Three Video

Week Four Video