Register Your Covid-19 Officer

Due to the nature of our return to activity, there are a number of protocols and measures that affiliated bodes must abide by. 

Club Covid-19 Response Form

Badminton Ireland requests all clubs to complete the above Covid-19 Response Form:

  • to inform us of who your appointed Covid-19 Officer is
  • that measures have been taken in providing an environment that is in line with the guidelines provided by Badminton Ireland
  • the club can identify any issues that they have in complying with the guidelines

Once you have registered as a Covid-19 Officer, we will be able to send you directly additional training opportunities and resources for your club.

If you have any questions or queries on this, please do not hesitate to contact Badminton Ireland's Club Covid-19 Lead:

Conor Fadian


Phone: 086 028 8555