Safety Planning

The Badminton Ireland Safety Planning Guidelines are available to download here


Badminton Ireland is now in the process of assisting its affiliated bodies in the safety planning stage of a return to Badminton.

This stage involves looking at what safety measures must be taken before activity can resume in our affiliated bodies. These measures must be in place prior to any resumption of activity.

Badminton is due to return in Phase 3/Step 3 of the Government of Ireland’s roadmap to reopen society and business and Northern Ireland Executive’s Coronavirus Recovery Plan.

This return to activity is in line with Sport Ireland’s Return to Sport Expert Group’s guidance and Sport Northern Ireland’s Framework for a Return to Sport.


What must clubs do at this stage?                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Clubs need to be doing the following at this stage:

  • Consulting with their venue provider on whether they can return to the venue, and what can be worked on collectively.
  • Appointing a Club Covid-19 Officer
  • Identifying what volunteers or additional supports are required
  • Complete the Badminton Ireland Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Online Compliance Form
  • Participate in Training and Education opportunities provided by Badminton Ireland


Consulting with your venue provider

This is the first step in working towards a return to play. You will need to work out with your venue provider the following:

  • How Badminton Ireland protocols will be utilised in your club activity
  • What measures can be taken to provide safe entry / exit to the venue
  • What measures will be taken to ensure physical distancing and hand hygiene are implemented
  • Confirm responsibilities on providing adequate resources are in stock and available to use
  • Any additional measures that may be needed to ensure a relatively safe environment can be provided
  • Work with the facility in completing the Badminton Ireland Covid-19 Risk Assessment



Appointing a Club Covid-19 Officer

The club will need to identify a Club Covid-19 Officer who will be responsible for ensuring measures are taken by the club considering the Badminton Ireland protocols.

It is at the discretion of the club as to who they appoint to this role. Clubs may wish to integrate this role with another position already in place.

The role can be shared, and in such cases, it should be made clear who is responsible for what areas. The Club Covid-19 Officer needs to attend all sessions and ensure the measures taken by the club are being enforced.

Clubs are requested to notify Badminton Ireland of their appointment by completing the Online Compliance Form which will be sent out to club secretaries, and will also be available on the Badminton Ireland website.


Additional Volunteer Resources

Once the club has a venue ready to play and a Club Covid-19 Officer appointed, it is important that all volunteers that assist in the running of the club are provided with the details on how the club will operate.

Badminton Ireland has sent out a Club Pack with resources that clubs can utilise in providing information to its members and we would recommend all our clubs to keep in regular contact with its membership throughout the Return to Play process.

Badminton Ireland also has a resources section on its website which is being updated on a regular basis.


 Completing the Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments must be conducted as part of the overall safety planning process. Clubs are being asked to carry out a full evaluation to ensure that risk is within acceptable limits.

The Risk Assessment will outline what specific measures need to be implemented to lessen the risk of Covid-19 spreading within our clubs.

If clubs have any questions or issues on completing the Risk Assessment, they should contact our National Governance Officer whose details are provided at the end of this document.


 Training & Education

Badminton Ireland is planning on rolling out several different initiatives over the coming weeks to assist clubs on returning to Badminton. These include:

  • Webinar on returning to play protocols
  • Sport Specific Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Training
  • Community of Practice Weekly Zoom Call
  • Ongoing Support at National Level                                                                                                                                         


Badminton Ireland is asking everyone to be proactive and positive in terms of implementing the protocols provided. We recognise that clubs are being asked to implement a change of ways in terms of how things are done.

We all have a responsibility to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and Badminton Ireland will assist and support clubs and volunteers in our efforts to do this.


Contact Information

Should clubs have any questions or queries on this document, please get in touch with our National Governance Officer on his contact details below:

Conor Fadian


Phone: 086 028 8555