Sport Ireland Covid-19 Awareness Training - E-Learning Awareness Course suitable for players, coaches and volunteers.

There is now a Section B added to this training for Covid-19 Officers.


Badminton Ireland Covid-19 Officer Training - You can sign up to complete the Covid-19 Officer E-Learning Training provided by Badminton Ireland on the link provided.


Templates & Documents

Please see below a number of assisting documents designed to help clubs meet the protocols set out in returning to Badminton.

Covid 19 Officer - Role Description

Club Covid 19 Risk Assessment ROI Template (updated 12/05/2021)

Club Covid 19 Risk Assessment NI Template (updated 26/05/2021)

Coaches Covid 19 Risk Assessment Template (updated 12/05/2021)

Covid 19 FAQ Document (updated 26/11/2021)

Covid 19 Disclaimer Form Template (updated 29/06/2020)

Covid 19 Return to Badminton Poster

Covid 19 Club Night Sign In Sheet

Covid 19 Player Checklist for ROI  / Covid 19 Player for NI (updated 10/5/2021)

Covid 19 Club Checklist for ROI  / Covid 19 Club for NI (updated 10/5/2021)

Covid 19 Coach Checklist (updated 10/5/2021)

Covid 19 Cleaning Checklist

Covid 19 Good Hygiene Checklist

Covid 19 Safeguarding Children & Young People Guidelines (updated 12/05/2021)

Covid 19 Weekly Tips 

Covid 19 Sanction Event Procedures (Updated 22/09/2021)

Covid 19 Sanction Event Risk Assessment Template


Additional Posters

Handwashing Technique Poster

Hand Rub Technique Poster

Coughing/Sneezing Etiquette Poster