Additional Guidelines / Updates

Badminton Ireland Level 3 Restrictions - Issued 1st December 2020 -  This update is in line with the annoucemnt of the Irish Governement moring to level 3 of the living with Covid-19 Plan. This guideline was accepted by the expert group.


Badminton Ireland Level 5 Restrictions - Issued 20th October 2020 - This update is in line with the announcement of the Irish Government of moving to Level 5 of the Living with Covid-19 Plan.

Sport Ireland Guidelines - Issued 21st August 2020 - These are updated guidelines as announced by Government on the 18th August for the Republic of Ireland.


Badminton Ireland has released the below video to assist clubs returning to play in Phase 3/Step 3 in respective Government roadmaps:





Sport Ireland Covid-19 Awareness Training - E-Learning Awareness Course suitable for players, coaches and volunteers

There is now a Section B added to this training for Covid-19 Officers.


Templates & Documents


Please see below a number of assisting documents designed to help clubs meet the protocols set out in returning to Badminton.

Covid 19 Officer - Role Description

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Template (updated 25/6/2020)

Coaches Covid 19 Risk Assessment Template (updated 26/62020)

Covid 19 FAQ Document (updated 8/9/2020)

Covid 19 Disclaimer Form Template (updated 29/06/2020)

Covid 19 Return to Badminton Poster

Covid 19 Club Night Sign In Sheet

Covid 19 Player Checklist for ROI  / Covid 19 Player for NI (updated 8/9/2020)

Covid 19 Club Checklist for ROI  / Covid 19 Club for NI (updated 8/9/2020)

Covid 19 Coach Checklist

Covid 19 Cleaning Checklist

Covid 19 Good Hygiene Checklist

Covid 19 Safeguarding Children & Young People Guidelines

Covid 19 Weekly Tips 

Covid 19 Sanction Event Procedures (Updated 16/10/2020)

Covid 19 Sanction Event Risk Assessment Template


Additional Posters


Handwashing Technique Poster

Hand Rub Technique Poster

Coughing/Sneezing Etiquette Poster