2019 Special Olympic World Summer Games



Badminton Ireland are delighted to announce that the three Irish badminton athletes that competed at the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi have won a total of 5 Medals (One Gold & Four Bronze). The athletes are pictured above with their coaches as they collected their medals for their outstanding performances in Abu Dhabi. Coaches Kim McCrave and Claire Heffernan accompanied the athletes in Abu Dhabi.

Please see below for their achievements:





Sarah Louise Rea won Gold in Women's Singles and came 4th in Women's Doubles.









John Doyle won Bronze in Men's Singles and Mixed Doubles.










Mary Daly won Bronze in Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles and 4th in Women's Doubles.







Please see below for games played by the 3 athletes:

Sarah Louise Rea

Group of 5

Match 1 v Nigeria won 2/0

Match 2 v Singapore won 2/0

Match 3 v Latvia won 2/0

Match 4 v Thailand won 2/1

Finished top of her group. Took home Gold


Mary Daly

Group of 5

Match 1 v Spain won 2/0

Match 2 v Algeria won 2/0

Match 3 v Bahrain lost 2/0 

Match 4 v Nigeria lost 2/0 

Qualified her in 3rd Place Bronze


John Doyle

Group of 3

Match 1 v Bulgaria lost 2/0 

Match 2 v UAE lost 2/0 


Women's Doubles (Sarah & Mary)

Division 1 - top group in the World!!

Match 1 v Korea 2 lost

Match 2 v Hong Kong lost 2/0

Match 3 v Korea 1 lost 2/0

Finished 4th place in the group


Mixed Doubles (John and Mary)

Group of 3

Match 1 v Greece lost 2/0

Match 2 v Kuwait lost 2/1 lost 

Finished in Bronze position


"I'm overwhelmed with pride for these amazing achievements on court and the attitudes they presented"

(Kim McCrave, Head Coach)