GDPR for Clubs


GDPR has now been in operation since the 25th May 2018. As this legislation, it is important that clubs understand that there is a need legally for all affiliated bodies to comply with the legislation.

Below are a listed number of practical implications this legislation has on our administration of Badminton.


Practical Considerations

The Legislation allows for BadmintonClubs to collect personal information relating to Members, such as Names, Addresses, Dates of Birth, email and telephone numbers for the purposes of administering the sport (e.g. registering players, arranging meetings) or other specific purposes with the permission of the individual.

It does not allow for members’ data (such as email addresses) to be used for purposes (such as marketing emails from third parties) without the consent of the member.

The member must be given the opportunity to ‘Opt-in’ before their details are included in any mailing lists for any communication which is not related to club activity (the original purpose).

In all cases, the personal information relating to members must be kept safe and secure and should never be passed to third parties without the express permission of the member.

At the point of capture, (i.e. registration) members must be informed of the purpose or purposes that their information will be used for (Registration, club activities, fundraising, etc)

When sending emails to a mailing list the Blind Copy address field should be used to ensure that email addresses are not inadvertently disclosed

Administrators should not correspond directly with Juveniles. Parent or Guardian contact details should be used.

Members must Opt In to receive correspondence which is not directly related to club activities. (not opt out)

Allow members the facility to Opt out on correspondence issued (They must be removed from mailing lists as soon as possible, and at least within 40 days of notification)

Administrators should not contact individuals who have asked to opt out.

All Membership forms should be destroyed after the details of these forms have benn stored centrally on the Badminton Ireland System. All consent forms should be retained.

Log-on details for the Badminton Ireland System should not be shared.

Data should be held only whilst there is a continued need for it – data will be reviewed and destroyed regularly in line with Badminton Ireland's Retention Policy.

Data should be reviewed regularly for completeness and accuracy.



Badminton Ireland has a National Governance Officer, Conor Fadian, who can advise on any queries that affiliated bodies may have on this topic. Conor can be contacted on the following: 

Email:     Phone: (086) 0288 555