Club Development Project


The Club Development Project has been available to all clubs since it's introduction in September 2017. The aim of this initiative is to provide regular communication between the Badminton Ireland Development Officer and all of our clubs. Essentially the initiative gives clubs valuable information on topics like Club Structures, Garda Vetting & Safeguarding and Attracting New Members. Please see below for the development editions previously sent out to clubs.

Topic A: Garda Vetting & Safeguarding


Topic B: Benefits of Social Media for Clubs

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) Instagram


Topic C: Club Structures, Consitutition & Board Roles

3.1 Club Structures

3.2 Club Constitution

3.3 Board Roles


Topic D: Press Releases

a) Top 10 Tops for Writing a Press Release

b) Draft Press Release

c) How to Issue a Press Release


Topic E: Generating Income

7.1 Generating Income for your club- Fundraising initiatives

7.2 Generating Income for your club- Sponsorship Proposals (Template & Considerations, Rejections)

7.3 Available Grants (Grant Information, Sports Grants Descriptions)


Topic F: Creating Club-School Links

a) Developing Club-School Link

b) Benefits for your club/ school


Topic G: Attracting New Members


Topic H: Developing a Club Plan

a) Club Development Plan Poster


Topic I: Creating Links with Local Sports Partnerships (LSP's)


Topic J: Mental Health


Topic K: Effective Demonstrations