CPD Points System

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Sports Coaching is changing. With events like the Olympic Games becoming more and more prominent in global significance the demands on athletes and expectations on coaches are increasing. Coaching is becoming a profession rather than a hobby. In recognition of this global trend, Badminton Ireland in line with Coaching Ireland are developing the coach education structure to include new qualifications, a coach’s register, and CPD requirements.

There are some positive steps being made toward improving the support given to coaches across the country. There are a new set of qualifications which have been developed by the Badminton World Federation and approved by Coaching Ireland and are being implemented in Ireland which means that we have the opportunity to gain internationally recognised qualifications. The level 1 has been Coaching Ireland approved and launched and the level 2 followed this with its launch in April 2013. The coaches register/licence has also been introduced to help raise maintain and regulate standards of practice and to help professionalise badminton coaching. The register is also a way to reward those who have achieved their qualifications and to ensure coaches are adhering to basic standards of practice.

In conjunction with these new introductions Continuous Professional Development courses are being introduced to further support coaches. CPD courses can be grouped into categories as shown in the table below. The broad spectrum of course types available means that there are plenty of opportunities for coaches to attend throughout the year. Coaches will be asked to obtain 30 CPD points during the badminton season ending with the annual coaches conference.

Course Category Number of points

Branch CPD Course or First Aid/Code of Ethics Course


Shuttle Time Course


Cara Sports Inclusion Workshops 5

Tutor 1-5 Coach education courses


Teicnic (White, Yellow or Green)


Tutor + 5 Coach education courses


Badminton Ireland Coaches Conference (One Day)


Club Juvenile Coaching **Minimum of 5 weeks during the season*


Badminton Ireland Approved CPD Course


BWF level 1/Level 2


Teicnic (Red, Blue, Pink or Black)


One year Coach Development programme PEP/Propel


Badminton Ireland Coaches Conference (Two Days)


**Must be signed off by club secretary*

Coach Level

Requirement Status
BWF level 2 certified & + 30 CPD points, Licenced Gold Licenced
BWF level 1 (BI level 2/3 or above) certified & + 30 CPD points, Licenced Silver Licenced
BI Level 1, certified & + 30 CPD points, Licenced  Bronze
Requirements not met Licenced

The CPD point system revolves on a 12-month cycle starting at the coaches conference each summer. Coaches will need to earn 30 CPD points before the next conference in order to maintain their coaching status. The status will be updated throughout the year, it will be the coaches responsibility to contact Badminton Ireland to update points when courses are completed. For a full list of licenced coaches and their current coaching status click here