Coaches Licence Contacts 2021 Season

Name  Contact County
Kyle Dunne Antrim
Bobby Cheung Not Listed Antrim
Mervyn Fee Not Listed Antrim
Willie Stevenson Carlow
Nigel Patterson Donegal
John Hunter Donegal
Naomi Darragh Donegal
Jonathan Perry Down
Mary Dinan Not Listed Dublin
Elizabeth Dinan  Not Listed Dublin
Frank Culllinan Not Listed Dublin
David Walsh Dublin
Sian Williams Dublin
David Hong Minh Dublin
Simon Keane Not Listed Dublin
Sam McKay Dublin
Craig McCourtney Dublin
Daniel Magee Not Listed Dublin
Azhar Syed Dublin
Cherry Standbridge Dublin
Mark Topping Dublin
Declan Bennett Galway
Karina Brennan Galway
Enda Gallagher  Not Listed Galway
Tony Crowley Galway/Mayo
Michelle Corr Kerry
Thomas Bradley Not Listed Kerry
Mark Loughnane Not Listed Kerry
Nuala McCann Not Listed Kildare
Dawn Cobbe Laois
Ryan Hamill Louth
Shane Guildea Not Listed Meath
Judy Byrant Not Listed Offaly
Michael O'Meara Tipperary
George Harding Tipperary
Richard Hudson Not Listed Tipperary
Kevin Fahy Waterford
Patricia Gallagher Waterford/Kilkenny
Georgina Ward Wexford


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