Membership Initiatives

The Membership Initiatives aims at providing regular communication between the Badminton Ireland Membership Officer and the secretary within clubs. Essentially the initiatives gives clubs information like Key Membership Dates, Guidelines for Online Registration and Guidelines for Online Payment etc. Please see below for the membership editiions previously sent out to the secretaries. 

Edition 16: Colouring Book

Edition 15: April News Letter

Edition 14: March News Letter

Edition 13 : Feb News letter 

Edition 12: Key Dates for Dec and Jan

Edition 11 : New Season Membership 

Edition 10: Irish Open 2018

Edition 9: Secure Email 

Edition 8: Annual Award

Edition 7: Parent Consent Statment 

Edition 6: PayPal Guideline

Edition 5: Online Registration Guideline

Edition 4:  Juvenile 50% off

Edition 3:  Membership Fee

Edition 2 : Key Membership Dates 

Edition 1 : New Season Welcome