Irish Institute of Sport


The mission of the Irish Institute of Sport is to support Irish sport to reach world podiums by driving excellence in high performance systems through the delivery of world class services. The Irish Institute of Sport is responsible for service delivery to National Governing Bodies and athletes including:

  • Sports science coordination and delivery
  • Sports medicine coordination and delivery
  • Athlete career and performance lifestyle support
  • Elite coach development and education
  • Performance systems development

The Institute of Sport is set up to create an environment which influences, supports, and ensures that Irish athletes will achieve levels of excellence in elite sport. The Institute also works closely with service providers to ensure that athletes receive the best support possible.

Badminton Ireland’s high performance athletes receive benefits from the Institute from preparation and development of annual elite performance plans. Coaches can also benefit from the Institute by both financial assistance and professional development events. 


The Irish Institute of Sport

Irish Sports Council

Top Floor

Block A Westend Office Park,

Dublin 15


Telephone: +353 1 860 8800