All affiliated members of Badminton Ireland are graded against their ability based on competition and league results.
The Grades run from Premier to H. Players can play Badminton Ireland and Branch events in their grade or lower.
Players can check their grades by looking at their profiles or by contacting their Club, County or Branch secretary.


The image above displays the Grading Procedure. For more information on (1) Requesting a Grade and

(2) Appealing a Grade, click the following link: Badminton Ireland Grading Process.


FAQ Sheet - Click here if you have any member query in relation to the Badminton Ireland Grading System



After the Grading Meeting, within one month, a player can appeal their grade. The appeal must be typed

via the 'Grade change request form' (All fields must be filled in). The Branch reviews any appeal that did not come to the

Branch level in the previous Grade Request. Any remaining appeals and rejected Branch appeals are sent to the

Grading Appeals Committee.The Appeals Committee meet and can either accept or reject an appeal.

Automatic Upgrade Doc can be found here

National Grading and Appeals 2021/22.

The National Grading Committee met on the 18/8/2021, due to clubs getting back to play and Branch Gradings coming in a different times they decided to extend the Appeals Window between 1st October - 31st December with the Grading Apeals Committee will meeting in early November, December and January. 

Underage Irish National Squad Teams Automatic Upgrades

The U13,15,17 and 19 selected Irish squad players will be automatically upgraded from August 2021 as selected. 


         The Branch grading contacts are:                                         Member Gradings:

         William Martin (Ulster)                                                               Ulster Gradings  

         Walter Rountree (Leinster)                                                        Leinster Grading

         Peggy Horan (Munster)                                                             Munster Gradings    

         Micheal O' Morain (Connacht)                                                   Connacht Gradings 


 Please note : Junior = A/B grade; Intermediate = C grade

(Players not yet graded should contact their respective Branch for advice. Unaffiliated players are not graded.)

Grades have now been updated 31st January 2020 - click on your branch. BI number, your name, to view your current grade.