BWF Coach Level 2

Who is it for?

The course is designed for those coaches who have a significant amount of experience as a level 1 coach, and wish to work with provincial and national squad level players.

Requirements to Apply:

- Have previously completed a Shuttle Time and BWF Level 1 courses.

- Be over 18 years old and an affiliated Badminton Ireland member.

- Complete Child Safeguarding Level 1, and Garda Vetting through Badminton Ireland.

Delivery & resources:

The material for the course will be given to candidates in electronic format. The resources will be similar to the level 1 but focus more in the following areas: Coaching principles:  ‘how to coach’ in terms of coaching techniques, and ‘what to coach’ referring to technical, tactical and physical elements with underpinning scientific principles and knowledge.



  1. Find a suitable date and location on the Coaching Calendar


  1. Complete the application form and make payment to confirm place.

Payment options: Bank Transfer or Paypal (link below). Refunds cannot be issued within two weeks of the course taking place.




What does it qualify me to do?

The course will prepare coaches for the planning and delivery of annual training and competition programmes for individual badminton players. This is a minimum requirement to apply to be part of the Badminton Ireland National coaching team.

Outcomes and assessment:  

Candidates must be able to construct and deliver annual training and competition plans, individual training plans and programmes underpinned by sports science principles. The course aims to produce effective managers of groups of players up to elite performance level. All work must be completed and submitted to Badminton Ireland within generally a 6 months window of completing the contact hours of the course.