BWF Coach Level 1

Who is it for?

This is the second step on the coaching qualification ladder in Ireland. The course is designed for those people who have a basic level of badminton experience and knowledge, who wish to coach at club, county-level or do some private coaching.


- Be over 17 years old* and an affiliated Badminton Ireland member.

- Have completed a Shuttle Time course.

Delivery & resources:

The course is normally delivered over 2 weekends (32 hours contact time) plus independent study and practical assignments. The material for the course will be given to candidates* in electronic format. Resources consist of the following:


  • Coaches Manual: Divided into 12 modules – the main learning resources for trainee coaches.


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Module 6

Movement cycle, Movement patterns

Start phase, approach phase, hitting phase, recovery phase, forehand forecourt, backhand forecourt, forehand rear court, backhand rear court

Module 7

Hitting/stroke skills, Backhand forecourt shots, serving, Forehand forecourt shots, Mid-court shots, Forehand overheads, Backhand corner



Introduction, biomechanics, grips, forehand low, forehand flick, forehand high, backhand low, backhand flick, forehand net shot, forehand net flick, forehand net kill, backhand net shot, backhand net lift, backhand net kill, backhand block off body, backhand drive, forehand drive, forehand clear, forehand smash, forehand drop shot, forehand pull drop shot, backhand clear, backhand pull drop shot

Module 8

Tactics - singles tactics, doubles tactics, mixed tactics

Introduction, singles introduction, serve and return, rallying, doubles introduction, women’s serve and returns, women’s doubles rallying, men’s doubles serve and return, men’s doubles rallying, mixed introduction, mixed doubles serve and return, mixed doubles rallying

Module 9


Components of fitness, warm up, cool down




  1. Find a suitable date and location on the Coaching Calendar


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What does it qualify me to do?

The course provides coaches with the fundamental knowledge and skills to coach badminton. You will be able to lead coaching sessions at club and county level. You also will have the opportunity to register on the coaches licence scheme.

Areas covered include; What to coach: technical, physical, tactical elements, and How to coach: coaching principles, coaching styles, coaching methodology, planning, and evaluation.

Outcomes and assessment:  

Candidates must be able to demonstrate basic coaching competencies through effective planning, delivery, review and evaluation of linked coaching sessions. All work must be completed and submitted to Badminton Ireland within generally a 3-month window after the of the end of the 4 days contact time. Candidates must also complete Child Safeguarding Level 1, and Garda Vetting through Badminton Ireland.

*Note candidates must be a minimum of 17 years old to take the course and will not receive full certification until they turn 18 years old.*