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Why is insurance important to the club/ players?


  1. Public Liability protects registered Badminton Ireland Members and affiliated clubs against claims by third parties for property damage and/or bodily injury as a result of any negligence on the part of the affiliated club and/or its registered members. Limit of indemnity is €6,500,000


  1. Personal Accident as the group personal accident policy offers a specified amount of cover during participation and/or training providing the injury sustained results in the following within 12 calendar months. Schedule of benefit is as following:


Steps for setting up a new club

1. Appoint a club chairperson, secretary, treasurer

2. Fill in the online club registration form

3. Appoint a safeguarding officer if there is one or more than one players under the age of 18

     Safeguarding officer will need to be:  - Fully affifilated to Badminton Ireland

                                                                - Garda Vetted through Badminton Ireland

                                                                - Completed Safeguarding level one course

4. Secretary will be given admin right on the webiste so the player registration can be processed

5. Club will receive an insurance certificate 

P.S. First year club fee will be waived as a new club discount



A message from Irish Olympians Chloe Magee and Scott Evans

"Members support has helped Badminton Ireland provide Scott and I with the best chance of getting to the Olympic Games and performing at our best. Badminton needs to be in the Olympic Games to develop the sport and get much needed air time on TV.  I would like to thank every member for their support over the past Olympic cycle and look forward to meeting you at the Irish Open or at one of the coaching events throughout the year"
Irish No.1 and Triple Olympian Chloe Magee


"With your help Badminton Ireland is providing support to all badminton players, whatever their level. That could mean helping build new badminton facilities, improving existing facilities, putting on more badminton events or looking after the day to day needs of members who play socially just for the fun of it. Being a member of Badminton Ireland makes you one of the team!"
Irish No.1 and Triple Olympian Scott Evans