With over 100,000 badminton players in Ireland and 16,000 of those signed up to Badminton Ireland there is a range of programs and events which attract sponsorship.


Badminton Ireland has three tiers of partners in the promotion and development of the sport:

  •     Tier I   – Main Organisation partner
  •     Tier II  – Partner in relation to one of the Organisations programmes e.g. Shuttle Time school project.
  •     Tier III – Contributor to an event, programme or the organisations function.

Badminton Ireland Partners

Badminton Ireland is extremely grateful for its collection of partners that enable it to deliver the highest level of service to its members. Without these partners the community programmes would struggle to run, school initiatives would be less and Olympians would not be given the opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Tier I Partner



Tier II Partner


Tier III Partner