Talent Identification

The Badminton Ireland talent identification programme aims to locate talented junior players between the ages of 8 - 13 and help them achieve their full potential via the Badminton Ireland Athlete Talent Pathway.

Badminton Ireland has identified three key components for the Talent Identification process to achieve its goals:

  •  Identifying talent as early as possible (Shuttle time/Teicnic Badminton);

  •  Ensure the individual takes the correct player pathway to maximise their development;

  •  Placing individuals into a sustainable system that will have opportunity for their game to constantly progress.

We are looking for athletes with the following profile:

  •  Players that love badminton.

  •  Keen to represent Ireland in one of the fastest growing and exciting Olympic sports.

  •  A willingness to work up to a standard to compete with the rest of the world.

  •  Good badminton skills – Black Level 7 Teicnic Badminton or equivalent.

A talent identification toolkit has been developed in order to help the process. Teicnic Badminton, the 'back-belt' programme of badminton, is a skill-based program designed to help individual’s improve their technical ability through a series of ability levels.

Players under the age of 15 years of age are invited to attend the next Teicnic Badminton Camp, which acts as talent identification camp for the HP Development Group and the Junior National Squads.

Talent Squad

For players at the very top of the Athlete Talent Pathway there is a Talent Squad. These players are focused on winning medals at major championships.
The various technical and physical standards that we look at for entry to the Talent Squad are given here:


If you achieve the standards?

Players that achieve the required standards will be invited to join our talent development programme. Athletes that do not achieve the standard will be given appropriate advice and everyone is welcome to attend the subsequent Talent Identification days. Opportunity is given via multiple entry points at Teicnic camps and the Nationals squad system.

Follow-up: Talent Squad Programme

Athletes in the Talent Squad within school age may attend the daily National team training in MIE during school holidays and when pre-arranged with the HP group (These players can attend these sessions free of charge). Older players above school age are required to be based at MIE, the National centre.
Badminton Ireland will work with the athlete's existing coaches to develop athletes to their full potential.

Want to be involved with the HP coaching team?

Level 1 and 2 coaches who would like to attend and gain more experience should contact Dan Magee, Performance Pathway Coach.

The programme offers the opportunity to:

  •  Further their coach education via continual professional development (CPD).

  •  To support players on the pathway and be part of Irish success.

  •  To be part of a mentorship programme.