Phishing Email Alert


Phishing Email Alert

There is a phishing email currently circulating which appears to be with regard to a false Employee Benefits Eligibility Policy.

It does state in the headline that it is an update from Badminton Ireland.

This is a Phishing Email, and has not been sent by Badminton Ireland.

If you have received this e-mail I would advise you to take the following steps:

  • Do not click the link.
  • Delete the Email from your Inbox and Deleted Items.
  • Do not pass or forward the Email on to any other persons.
  • Do not reply to the Sender of the Email.
  • Do not attempt to download the link.

If you have any further issues or concerns relating to this issue, please contact Conor Fadian, National Governance Officer, as soon as possible on his details provided below.


Phone: 086 028 8555

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