“i am badminton” is BWF’s global integrity campaign which was unveiled at the 2015 BWF World Junior Championships.

Players are at the centre of this campaign because they have the right to compete in clean and fair sport.

The “i am badminton” campaign offers a platform for players to express their love and respect for badminton. Players can do this through their commitment to clean and honest play.

This integrity campaign is about players, coaches, technical officials and administrators working together to protect our sport from threats like doping, match fixing, illegal betting and corruption.

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This campaign focuses on the overwhelming majority of players who are proud to compete clean and true. The ” i am badminton” campaign is an opportunity for players to proudly state:

i am clean

i am honest

i am badminton

The expansion of Badminton World Federation’s ‘i am badminton’ integrity campaign has gone from strength to strength during the COVID-19 pandemic with 31 new regional and national ambassadors onboarded across nine language. Badminton Ireland is also supporting this campaign.

You can read more about the campaign at the following link


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