Smash Cancer says thank you and congratulations!


Smash Cancer says thank you and congratulations!

Smash Cancer would like to say Congratulations to all Winners!


Here is the list of our Smash Cancer Winners

1st Prize Ravi Jadar

2nd Prize Paul Reynolds

3rd Prize Jack Macbeth

4th Prize Laura Coe 5th

Prize Jimmy and Miriam Butler

6th Prize Sheila Byrne

7th Prize Janet Fletcher

8th Prize Philip Browne

Thank you all for taking part in our fundraising campaign and for your support!

Smash Cancer raised €5265.33 57 t-shirts, 426 tickets sold and 2682.33 in donations

All raised money are now going towards better cancer research in Ireland. You all are making a difference. So celebrate it with us and two charities who were part of this amazing fundraising journey Irish Cancer Society and National Breast Cancer Research Institute

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