Women in Sport Fittin' in Lunch


Women in Sport Fittin' in Lunch

This week marked the end of the 4-week Women in Sport Fittin' in Lunch Progamme. This programme was designed and targeted at females who work on the National Sports Campus and the aim was to get them fit during their lunch breaks. This is the second year this programme has been run in the National Indoor Arena and it has been a great success once again.

The Fittin' in Lunch programme consisted of 10/15 minutes of fitness work where our participants where put through their paces with some cardio, strength and core exercises. The rest of the session was dedicated towards teaching our participants the basics of badminton. During the 4 weeks our participants were taught the grips of forehand and backhand shots, net shots and drop shots, along with many more.

Badminton Ireland were delighted to host such a successful programme on the Sport Ireland Campus for staff who work so hard to grow their respective sports or sport in general. We were also able to provide our participants with Limited Edition T-Shirts specific to our Fittin' in Lunch Prog.

Sarah O'Donoghue

Development Officer

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