A loss for the Magees in the Irish Open 2019 Semi-Finals


A loss for the Magees in the Irish Open 2019 Semi-Finals

Semi-Finals Review & Finals Preview

An unfortunate loss for Sam Magee & Chloe Magee in the semi-finals as the second seeds were up against strong opponents Ronan Labar & Anne Tran (3) from France.

Mixed Doubles

Final: Ronan Labar & Anne Tran (3) (France) Vs Mathias Christiansen & Alexandra Boje (4) (Denmark)

Third seeds Labar & Tran proceed to the Finals of the mixed doubles after defeating the Magees. Christiansen & Boje (4) (Denmark) beat first seeds Thom Gicquel & Delphine Delrue from France after two games, 21 – 18 and 21 – 14. Tomorrow looks to be an exciting match.


Men’s Singles

Final: Pablo Abian (4) (Spain) Vs Toma Junior Popov (8) (France)

After beating french player Christov Popov in the Semi-Finals, fifth seed Felix Burestedt (Sweden) lost to the older brother and eighth seed, Toma Junior Popov after two games, 18 – 21 and 19 – 21. 4 Seed, Pablo Abian from Spain beat qualifier Chen Chi Ting of Chinese Taipei after two swift games.


Women’s Singles

Final: Qi Xuefei (4) (France) Vs Julie Dawall Jakobsen (5) (Denmark)

Qi Xuefei has proceeded swiftly through the tournament, beating every opponent after two short games. The semi-finals were no different as the player won against Sung Shuo Yun of Chinese Taipei, 21 – 13 and 21 – 9. Fifth seed, Jakobsen, defeated Lin Hsiang Ti of Chinese Taipei after two games (21 – 18, 21 – 17) to get to the Final.


Men’s Doubles

Final: Jones Ralfy Jansen & Peter Kaesbauer (3) (Germany) Vs Alexander Dunn & Adam Hall (2) (Scotland)

Second seeds, Dunn & Hall beat sixth seeds, Fang-Chih Lee & Fang-Jen Lee of Chinese Taipei after two games (21 - 17, 21 - 19). Jansen & Kaesbauer, third seeds, had a tougher time against Liao Kuan Hao & Po Li-Wei of Chinese Taipei, but won after two games, 21 - 17 and 21 - 19.

Women’s Doubles

Final: Amalie Magelund & Freja Ravn (Denmark) Vs Delphine Delrue & Lea Palermo (2) (France)

Second seeds, Delrue & Palermo have a walkover and so advance to the Finals without hassle. In the semi-finals the French players were originally supposed to face Alexandra Boje & Mette Poulson (4) from Denmark. Magelund & Ravn beat Clara Nistad & Moa Sjoo from Sweden after two games, 22 -21 and 21 – 14.

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