Irish Women Sweep the Qualifications


Irish Women Sweep the Qualifications

AIG FZ Forza Irish Open 2019 Qualifying Results

Great day for the Irish Players in the Women’s Singles, with three qualifying to the Main Draw!


Men’s Singles

In round 1 of qualifications, Joshua Magee beat Nadeem Dalvi (England) with no hassle, 21 – 8, 21 – 4, however he just missed out on going to round 3, with two very close games against Lin Kuan-Ting (20 – 22, 21 – 23).

Christo Popov swept through the qualifications, with every move effortless. He’s one to watch, recently winning a silver medal at the BWF World Junior Championship 2019. In round 1 Popov beat Adam Dolman (Australia), 21 -12, 21 - 13. After two games he beat Azhar Syed, and round 3 saw him face Wolfgang Gnedt (Austria), 21 - 7, 21 - 16. Tomorrow Popov will face Yang Yang of Chinese Taipei at 11:25 AM.


Women’s Singles

15-year-old Irish player Sophia Noble makes it through to the Main Draw beating Lauren Middleton (Scotland) after swift games, 21 – 11, 21 – 10. Tomorrow she will compete against Lin Hsiang Ti of Chinese Taipei at 12:35 PM.

Qualifying with ease, Rachael Darragh beat Emily Beach (England) 21- 8, 21 – 7, and Michelle Ting (England) in the second round, 21 – 13, 21 – 11. Darragh will face Katerina Tomalova from Czech Republic at 1:10 PM tomorrow.

Sara Boyle beat two players from Scotland, Rachel Sugden (Round 1) after three games and Holly Newall (Round 2) after two. Tomorrow will see Boyle compete against number 1 seed Yvonne Li (Germany) at 12:35 PM.

Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary) will qualify in the Main Draw, after graciously winning her round 1 and 2.


Men’s Doubles

Unfortunate day for the Irish Players. Mark Brady & Adam McAllister beat Tsung Fong MO & Victor Pang (Wales) in their first round. In the second round the Irish pair were beaten by Gijs Duijs & Wessel Van Der Aar from the Netherlands after three games.


Mixed Doubles

Joshua Magee & Sara Boyle swiftly make it through to the Main Draw of the Mixed Doubles. They won their first match after 2 games, beating Tsung Fong Mo & Gean Sou MO (Wales), 21 – 8, 21 – 9. In the second round, they beat Sean Laureta & Orla Flynn. Thursday they will face number 6 seeds, Gregory Mairs & Victoria Williams (England) at 9:40 AM.

For today’s match results, visit the BWF website.


  • Main Draw
  • Play starts at 09:00 AM tomorrow at the National Indoor Arena.
  • To watch the Irish Open 2019 Main Draw, you can attend for free, or go to the Badminton Europe YouTube.
  • For the full schedule, click here.

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