4 Nations come together to celebrate Badminton Ireland's 120th Anniversary


4 Nations come together to celebrate Badminton Ireland's 120th Anniversary

To celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Badminton Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales were invited to Dublin to compete in a Graded International Team Event on the 5th October 2019. The event celebrated the rich history of each federation by providing an international standard event to the club members of each country.  




Each country sent four teams that comprised of players from their member association. These were split into four categories Grade E, F, G & H and represent the grassroots of Badminton in each country. 

 The Irish teams were picked from the FZ Forza Irish Graded Finals which took place in May this year. These players won their respective grade in the 2018/19 season, where 621 entrants competed across seven grades, from A to H. Representatives from Badminton England, Scotland and Wales were invited to the Graded finals in May and committed to working with Badminton Ireland to launch this event.



Being the first of its kind and the culmination of Badminton Ireland's continued investment in grassroots badminton, the competition was a huge success with every player giving it their all. Club members got the opportunity to compete in an International Standard event, giving them a unique experience and even had the chance to be live streamed.

The four nations were introduced in an opening ceremony, where they shook hands and greeted each other while carrying their country flags, creating a fun exciting atmosphere all round. Throughout the day, spirits were good, cheering on fellow team mates,and getting to know the guest teams.

In the closing ceremony, awards were presented to the winner of each Grade (E, F, G & H). Each team did extremely well, competing for the fun of the sport.

Grade E: The winner is England, with Ireland as the Runner-Up.

Grade F: England came out on top, winning 4-1 against Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Wales put up a great fight, coming runner-up.

Grade G: Wales dominated in the Grade G, only losing 1 match against England, who came runner-up.

Grade H: Scotland ruled the Grade H, with England as runner-up.

For a full list of results, click here.

After the awards ceremon
y, all players and coaches were invited back the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown for a drinks reception. 

The live score badminton Ireland website was very successful and shown to be a great tool for everyone to use. With the site, there was quick and easy access to the match schedules and scores, so that anyone can keep up to date. Due to the success of the site, Badminton Ireland will plan to incorporate this app into future tournaments and events.

If you missed the event and would like to see a particular match, you can view the Live Streaming Videos, click here.

Badminton Ireland would like to thank everyone involved, especially the events team who put together this event in a short space of time, and to Badminton England, Badminton Wales and Badminton Scotland for bringing your players to Dublin for this united and unique event. A huge thank you to all the court officials, line judges and volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible.

 To see the photos from the day: Visit the Badminton Ireland Facebook.

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