Rachael & Rebecca Woods win Silver as Dylan Noble sweeps the U15 Irish Open


Rachael & Rebecca Woods win Silver as Dylan Noble sweeps the U15 Irish Open

Full breakdown of the U15 & U19 Irish Open Finals Days

Mixed Doubles

Gold - Brandon Zhi Hao Yap / Abbygael Harris

In the XD Final, two English and seeded pairs faced against each other. After three games, First Seed, Brandon Zhi Hao Yap & Abbygael Harris beat second seeds, William Jones & Asmita Chaudhari (21-17, 21-23, 21-13).

Women’s Doubles

Gold - Dounia Pelupessy / Milena Schnider 

In the WD Final, Irish sisters, Rachael & Rebecca Woods came up against first seeds from Switzerland, Dounia Pelupessy & Milena Schnider. The Woods tried their best but Pelupessy & Schnider won after two games.

Men’s Singles

Gold - Yanis Gaudin

In the MS Final, we saw two fantastic players go against each other. First seed, Axel Henrik Parkhoi from Denmark, had been moving swiftly through the tournament until the final where he faced third seed, Yanis Gaudin from France. Yanis beat the first seed player after two tough games (21-18, 21-16).

Women’s Singles

Gold - Viven Sandorhazi

Coming up to the WS Final, First Seed, Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary) won all her matches without hassle, and the Final against Pamela Reyes was no different. Sandorhazi won two straight games against the English player, who played her best, and did extremely well in the second game. The First Seed won with scores of 21-13, 21-18.

Men’s Doubles

Gold - Brandon Zhi Hao Yap / William Jones

The last match in the U19 Irish Open Finals was the MD. Netherland players and fourth seeds, Finn Achthoven & Wessel Van Der Aar went up against second seeds, William Jones & Brandon Zhi Hao Yap from England. Achthoven & Van Der Aar played very well but the English players were too strong and won after two games (21-13, 21-8).



U15 Irish Open Semi-Finals & Finals

Irish player, Dylan Noble, won three events in the U15 Irish Open Final, BS, BD & XD, playing with Eoghan Cooney & Paige Woods. The Finals of the BS, Noble played against Harper Leigh from Wales, winning after two good games. In the BD Final, Noble & Cooney faced another Irish pair and second seeds, Fionn Dowling & Senan O’Rourke, who played extremely well.

In the XD semi-finals, Noble & Woods came up against Leigh & Ishbel McCallister (Scotland), and Rory Comer & Roisin McKenna faced second seeds, Aman Kothiyal & Michelle Shochan. Noble & Woods progressed through the tournament with ease, making it to the finals and beating Comer & McKenna.

In the GD, Irish partners and first seeds, Siofra Flynn & Paige Woods beat Nicole Joy & Rachel O’Flynn in the semi-finals. As Katrina Chan & Ishbel McCallister (Scotland) also advanced to finals after winning against Laura Heery & Zarah Pender, Flynn & Woods sadly lost to the Scottish pair, but not after a tough three games. Chan also takes home the gold medal in the GS after beating Amy Boonen from Belgium. Both Chan & Boonen played extremely well throughout the tournament.

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