FZ Forza Irish Inter League Finals Results


FZ Forza Irish Inter League Finals Results

Below is a breakdow of the final results from the Inter League Finals held on the 12th May at the National Indoor Arena.

Grade C:

  1. GLTC
  2. Carrigaline
  3. Kilmessan


Galway won their two matches 4-3 against Carrigaline and 5-1 against Kilmessan respectively. Key wins in the mixed doubles was enough to secure GLTC of victory over Carrigaline in what turned out to be the deciding tie of the competition.


Grade D:

  1. NUIG
  2. Old School
  3. Carrigaline


With all three teams very evenly matched. There was little to choose between the teams in each tie. NUIG managed to win 4-3 against Carrigaline before beating Old School 4-2 to claim the All-Ireland Grade D title.


Grade E: 

  1. Carrigaline
  2. Roundwood
  3. GLTC


The deciding tie of the Grade E competition was between Carrigaline & Roundwood in the final fixture. Despite some close matches between the teams Carrigaline managed to win 6-1 and win the Grade E All-Ireland.


Grade F:

  1. University of Limerick
  2. Ardee
  3. Claregalway


A very strong University of Limerick team managed to overcome both Ardee and Claregalway in their competition. UL would beat Ardee 5-2 & Claregalway 6-1. 


Grade G:

  1. Templemore
  2. Loughegar 
  3. Crimlin


Templemore lost only a total of 9 games throughout all their matches in the finals, winning 22. 


Grade H:

  1. Castlecoote
  2. Loughegar
  3. Shuttle Club


Castlecoote produced two very strong performances throughout the event, only losing two games and one match. They won both their ties in convincing fashion with a 6-1 win over Loughegar & 7-0 over Shuttle Badminton Club.  

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