England captain predicts bright future for Nguyen

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England captain predicts bright future for Nguyen

IRELAND coach Yvette Yun Luo knew it was always going to be tough when her team took on England on day two of the European Mixed Team Championships in Copenhagen today.

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The Irish side went down 5-0, having lost 4-1 to Germany in their Group 2 opener yesterday.

Yun Luo said: “It’s a learning curve, like swimming in a big sea. We knew it was going to be tough and it won’t get any easier tomorrow against Russia.

“But it’s great experience for the younger players and this week is an opportunity to test themselves against players who are at a much higher level. They don’t get these opportunities often.

“You can’t even pay them to come and play you as they are always busy playing in other tournaments all over the world.

“We are swimming in a deep sea against this opposition but this week it is giving them something to aspire to. They know what they have to do, train harder and maintain the intensity.”

The plucky Irish team lost all their contests in straight games but no disgrace. Once again Nhat Nguyen showed a lot of spirit and determination against former European champion Rajiv Ouseph. The 18-year-old even went within a point of taking the first game before Ouseph snatched it at the fourth time of asking before going on to win 23-21 21-11.

Even so, Ouseph, the England captain and their most experienced player, had plenty of encouragement for the youngster. “I have never really watched him play before, never played against him.

“But he’s a good little player. I definitely think he could be good.”

He also said: “Catching up with Yvette before the game was a little bit odd,” recalling the years when she was in England’s coaching set-up.

Her task now is to lift her team’s spirits going into tomorrow afternoon’s final Group 2 clash against Russia, where they will doubtless have to withstand the power of 6ft 7in Vladimir Ivanov and his potent smash.

England 5 Ireland 0

Women’s singles: Chloe Birch bt  Rachael Darragh 21-8 21-8
Men’s singles: Rajiv Ouseph bt Nhat Nguyen 23-21 21-11
Women’s doubles: Jessica Pugh & Lauren Smith bt  Sara Boyle & Rachael Darragh 21-9 21-17
Men’s doubles: Chris Adcock & Chris Langridge bt Joshua Magee & Paul Reynolds 21-10 21-8
Mixed doubles: Marcus Ellis & Lauren Smith bt Sam & Chloe Magee 21-12 21-16

Report By William Kings

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