Fantastic Numbers on Opening Coach Education Courses in 2019


Fantastic Numbers on Opening Coach Education Courses in 2019

With 2019 well underway there has been many Coach Education courses taking place across the country and all of them fantastic attendance from teachers and members. Continue reading for some of the highlights and information about the courses that have taken place so far this year...

Shuttle Time - Lisburn Racquets Club, Co. Antrim, 20th January 

This course had great numbers, with 19 participants from various provinces across the country. The course was led by experienced Badminton Ireland tutor Mervyn Fee and assisted by Ciaran Chambers.

"There was a nice mixture of candidates on the course, some great teachers and some with great badminton knowledge. It was great having Ciaran assist me on the course and he will be a great asset to the coach education system when he finishes his tutor training." - Mervyn Fee


Shuttle Time - Ennis, Co. Clare, 26th January

This course was another well-attended course that was held in Ennis Badminton Club. It had a massive attendance with 20 participants. 

The candidates were keen to learn and already possed some good knowledge of the sport having been involved or playing in their respective clubs. They found that the resources were extremely useful in getting to know the Shuttle Time content.

"The resources on the course were brilliant and very easy to use. Everyone also picked up so much knowledge and information from each other and the tutor throughout the day." - Course participant.


Shuttle Time - Moyvane, Co. Kerry, 9th February

This was a course that had huge attendance, with 23 people looking to improve their coaching skills. Many of the candidates were hoping to use the material and information gained to deliver and assist sessions in their clubs.

The participants engaged in coaching activities throughout the day. They went away very familiar with the course material and were confident to assist in sessions back at their clubs.



This was a summary of just a number of the courses that have taken place so far this year. 

There will be many more courses scheduled around the country throughout the year. If you are interested in attending a course or would like more information you can contact or call the office on 01 839 3028.

For a link to this year's coaching course calendar, you can click on this link.

Click on the picture below for more information on the Shuttle Time programme which is the first step on the coaching ladder.


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