• CEO Covid-19 Update

    11/05/2020 GeneralCEO Covid-19 Update

    Dear Badminton Ireland Members

    I want to start by wishing you and your families well during these trying times. I am writing to update all our members on the steps Badminton Ireland are taking in response to COVID 19 and the restrictions currently in place.

    On the 13th of March, in line with guidance from the government, Badminton Ireland advised all clubs to cease activity. These restrictions have remained in place since that date however, we now have a roadmap to the reopening of society and our Sport. On the 1st of May, the Irish government published a roadmap to ease the restrictions currently in place as a result of COVID 19.

  • Badminton Ireland Head coach position now open

    07/05/2020 High PerformanceBadminton Ireland Head coach position now open

    Badminton Ireland is recruiting a Head Coach. Deadline June 12th read more.....





  • Condolences

    07/05/2020 GeneralCondolences

    On behalf of Badminton Ireland, I would like to offer our condolences to Catherine Smyth and her family on the death of her brother Frank, and Tony Clarke on the death of his Mother.

    The Board would also like to offer condolences to the family of Frank O’Reilly who also passed away recently - Frank was a former Chairperson and President in Leinster and he also managed Irish underage teams

    Frank O'Reilly with the Irish U15 Team

  • April 2020 newsletter is now online!

    01/05/2020 GeneralApril 2020 newsletter is now online!

    April Newsletter is now published.  You can click the image for a bigger version. 

  • Tips for staying SAFE online

    27/04/2020 SafeguardingTips for staying SAFE online

    Tips for Staying Safe Online

    · Always consider who you are sharing your personal data with, and aim to limit your sharing of sensitive personal data (such as health data) with trusted recipients, such as government departments, public health officials, healthcare professionals, or other recipients suggested or endorsed by them.

    · Pause and take a few minutes to read over the privacy policy or data protection notice of a service, app, or website, to be sure who your personal data is being shared with, where it will be stored or processed, and what purposes it will be used for, amongst other important information.

    · If data protection or privacy policy information is inadequate or not available, you should be wary of sharing personal data with this service, app, or website, and may want to take further steps, such as contacting them, to clarify.

    · Even when you are considering sharing personal data with a trusted recipient through an app, website, SMS, or email, make sure that it is actually them you are sharing the personal data with, and not just and app, website, phone number, or email address, which is disguised to look like it’s theirs.

    · Be wary of links that are forwarded by SMS, messaging apps, or email, particularly if you’re not expecting them or you think it has been automatically forwarded, as this is a common way to spread malicious links.

    · Avoid clicking links or opening attachments that you are unsure about. In particular, be wary of attachments which you were not expecting. Keep in mind that displayed text for a link can look like a legitimate URL, but the link when you click it may lead somewhere else.

    · Pay attention to links in emails and on webpages that you connect to. Try hovering over the link before you click it; you should see the destination URL at the bottom right of your browser. Is it familiar to you? If not, think again about using it.

    · Ensure you have up-to-date antivirus or online security software installed on all of your devices – don’t forget that smartphones and tablets are just in need of antivirus and malware protection these days as laptops or desktops.

    (Source: Data Protection Commission)

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A Message from the Board of Badminton Ireland

As a community, we’ve never before experienced a demonstration of how interconnected and inter-dependent we are, nor of how we’re capable of working together for the common good in the face of devasting personal tragedies and loss.  The Board of Badminton Ireland would like to express our condolences to those who have lost family and friends directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19. 

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Online Training Programmes

Badminton Ireland has sent out invitations to our available online Training Programmes for Safeguarding and Data Protection.

Our Safeguarding training which has been designed off the newly updated Safeguarding Policies has been sent to our Club Safeguarding Officers, whilst our Data Protection Training has been sent to our Club Secretaries.

Please check your 'Spam' as some invitations to the training have gone there.

If you have not received the invitation to do the training, please feel free to drop me a line on my email below and I will send onto you.

Conor Fadian

National Governance Officer


High Performance

Hp Round up 2020 January, February and March

It has been an exciting start for the Irish players competing internationally in 2020 so far read more ...







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FZ Forza Grade B...

Badminton Ireland, DublinSaturday 27 June 2020MSB, WSB, MDB, WDB, XDB

FZ Forza Grade H...

Badminton Ireland, DublinSaturday 27 June 2020MSH, WSH, MDH, WDH, XDH


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