Safeguarding Policies

Badminton Ireland’s priority is the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults. We are committed to providing an environment which allows members to participate to the best of their ability in a fun and safe environment that is free from bullying and intimidation.

We are committed to taking all steps possible to protect our members from any form of abuse, harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and shall respect their rights at all times.

Badminton Ireland strives to create an environment that is safe and has the welfare of participants at the forefront.

We recognise that we have a duty of care, to protect all young people and vulnerable adults and to safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age, disability, gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual identity.

Our Policy and Procedures provide principles and guidelines to be adopted when dealing with young people and vulnerable adults.

Our Policies and Documents can be accessed on the below links:

Badminton Ireland Child Safeguarding Statement

Badminton Ireland Policies

Badminton Ireland Safeguarding Young People

Badminton Ireland Vetting Policy

Badminton Ireland Complaints Management Procedure

Badminton Ireland Anti-Bullying Policy

Codes of Conduct

Badminton Ireland Code of Conduct for Players

Badminton Ireland Parental Code of Conduct

Badminton Ireland Sport Coaches Charter

Structures & Procedures

Badminton Ireland Reporting Procedures

Badminton Ireland Safeguarding Structure

Template Documents

Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Risk Assessment

Parental/Guardians Consent

Parental/ Guardians Consent Form

Guideline Documents

Sport Ireland Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport

Managing Photographs and Images

Managing Text and Email Communications


Sport Ireland SafeSport App

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact

National Governance Officer (Mandated Person) for Badminton Ireland:

Conor Fadian


Phone: (086) 0288555

Designated Liaison Person

David McGill