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Badminton Ireland has a National Governance Officer with the primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the Badminton Ireland policies for safeguarding children within the sport. It is a Badminton Ireland’s policy to review and update this document every three years.  The National Governance Officer (NGO) is available to help and support all members with the implementation of the document. The NGO also advises that all clubs who are affilated with Badminton Ireland must have a Safeguarding Officer (SO). The NGO will assist and guide the Safeguarding Officer in clubs in following the policies and procedures and is available should any difficulties arise.

Badminton Ireland Child Safeguarding Statement

Reporting Documents

Badminton Ireland external reporting document


Safeguarding Children 2017 is an important document for all members to read and understand - child welfare and protection is the over-arching policy for Badminton Ireland, and must be a priority for all adults working with and responsible for children. The NGO will liaise with the Club Children’s Officers, Safeguarding Officers and other relevant people working in clubs and associate members.
The NGO is also responsible for ensuring appropriate training programmes are available to members to raise the awareness of all child welfare and protection issues. Clubs can contact the National Development Manager for any specific requirements.

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If you have any questions relating to child protection/ safeguarding please contact Badminton Ireland National Governance Officer, Conor Fadian:

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