Garda Vetting

National Vetting Bureau Process

Vetting is necessary for all individuals who are working with, have contact with, or are responsible for young people in Badminton Ireland clubs and organisations. Therefore the necessity for who is required to be vetted can span from club coaches to the caretakers of the facilities you are playing in. It is essential that Vetting is conducted in order to ensure that all appropriate steps have been taken to implement and adhere to best practice.

Step 1:

Person decides to apply for Garda Vetting Clearance

Step 2:

Applicant completes E-Vet ID Form alongside an authorised ID verifier (refer to E-Vet ID form & ID Checklist form below)

A.  Applicant completes relevant section of E-Vet ID Form, all details are required.

B.  Authorised ID checker verifies applicants ID and completes required section of E-Vet ID Form and ID Checklist.

C.  Double check E-Vet ID Form to ensure all fields have been completed.

Step 3:

E-Vet ID Form and copy of ID documents posted to Badminton Ireland

Step 4:

Link sent from Badminton Ireland to applicant to complete the Garda Vetting form on-line

Step 5:

Badminton Ireland automatically receive the applicant’s completed on-line form

Step 6:

Badminton Ireland check the on-line form and submit it to the National Vetting Bureau

Step 7:

National Vetting Bureau send on-line disclosure to Badminton Ireland

Step 8:

Applicant notified of outcome


Any incorrect forms or applications not meeting the requirements will be rejected and the paperwork returned to the applicant, if relevant. Both processes have legal requirements and these must be met by Badminton Ireland.


Garda Vetting Forms

Please click here for E-Vet ID Verification form for Garda Vetting applicants in the Republic of Ireland

Please click here to view the Garda Vetting 100 point ID checklist 

This form must be updated every 3 years.

Please click here for Parent/Guardian Consent Form 

And submit to the Ulster Branch.

Please click here to download the ID Validation Form