FZ Forza All Ireland Inter County Finals 2018



This year the FZ Forza All Ireland Inter-County Finals will be hosted in National Indoor Arena in Dublin, Leinster on the 28th April.


At the 2017 All Ireland Inter County Finals, 161 athletes made the trip to the National Indoor Arena. The winners of the 2017 event were spread out amongst counties with Cork taking the Grade C, Dublin winning the Grade D, Galway won Grade E and Westmeath took Grade F & G. 


Information about the event:

  1. Groups will consist of 3 counties
  2. Each team will play two matches
  3. Teams will play 9 rubbers within each match. Each match will consist of 1 Men's Singles, 1 Women's Singles, 2 Men's Doubles, 2 Women's Doubles and 3 Mixed Doubles.
  4. The winner will be the team with the most points at the end of all matches.


Entry Fee

Teams will pay a non-refundable fee of €46. When teams arrive on the day they will recieve two tubes of shuttles in compensation.


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For more information about this event please contact the Badminton Ireland Events staff on +353 (0) 1839 3028 or email gfarrell@badmintonireland.com 



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