Starting A Club - Step 7 & 8

Step 7

Local competitions and leagues

Some of your players may like the chance to get involved in more competitive activities and for this opportunity you will need to look outside your own club. You can of course organise your own internal club leagues, ladders and competitions. However, in most areas there are also inter-club leagues and competitions where you can play against other teams and individuals.




Step 8

Develop policies and procedures that will support your club

As a member you will not want to spend too much time on club administration. However, to ensure your club is running along smoothly there is a certain level of routine work to be completed. Questions you may be faced with will include:

  • How do we attract new members?
  • How do we safeguard our children and young people?
  • How do we develop and involve young players?
  • What are the health and safety considerations that affect our sport, equipment and facilities?