Starting A Club - Step 1 & 2

Step 1

Get Playing:

Ensure there is a specific demand for a club within your area or find a club to join. It is important to check this beforehand as if there are a number of clubs already in existence there may not be a need for another.

Step 2


As you are preparing to start a club it is important that you begin to build a list of potential members interested in joining a club. This list need not contain all definite players but it can act as a guide to the level of interest in a new club in your area.

This can be done in the following ways:

Contact Badminton Ireland and your LSP to gain their assistance i.e. give members notification of a new club.
Hold an open night to generate interest in your area.
Advertise locally that new club is being set up.

The rate of this demand will also help determine what facilities you require. It will also be important to check what facilities are available in your area.