National Badminton Week

The Irish Cancer Society

This National Badminton Week also saw Badminton Ireland reconfirming it's commitment to charity by furthering its engagement with the Irish Cancer Society. This was done through Badminton Ireland's promotion of the Foundations Big Championship. During this time clubs around the country hosted competitive events with 70% of the proceeds goin to the one in three cancer sufferers in Ireland. Not only this but the Irish Cancer Societies partnership with the Irish Future Series Event will continue this year. With the event taking place from the 10th - 13th of October. For more information go to

St Vincent's Exhibition

Badminton Ireland held it's National Badminton Week early in September. This saw numerous events being held across the country, including several clubs having open nights. Perhaps 

the highlight of the week was the Organisation's trip to St Vincent's Hospital Dublin. Here an exhibition was held in order to promote a healthier lifestyle for workers and the wider hospital community through Badminton. This was in keeping with the key startegy of Badminton being a Sport for life. 


Next Year will see National Badminton Week 2014 fall on from the the 8th to the 14th of September as a kick off to the badminton season. It is hoped that it can build on the sccess of this year.

During this time, many badminton clubs will be opening their doors to allow anyone interested to come and play. Badminton is a sport for everyone regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

So pick up a racquet, get in touch with your local badminton club and give it a go!

If you are unsure where your nearest club is, contact the Badminton Ireland office on 01-8393028 or e-mail

During the week there will also be text and e-mail campaigns to raise awareness of badminton and to encourage former players and potential new players to pick up racquets and get out and play a game!

There are also going to be numerous events run in conjunction with this week.

Please e-mail your club event details to