Child protection

Badminton Ireland has a National Children’s Officer with the primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the Badminton Ireland policies for safeguarding children within the sport. It is a Badminton Ireland’s policy to review and update this document every three years.  The National Children's Officer (NCO) is available to help and support all members with the implementation of the document. The NCO also advises and guides Club Development Officers to assist Clubs in following the policies and procedures and is available for any difficulties that may arise.

The Badminton Ireland Childrens Officer is Cheryl Evans.

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Safeguarding Children 2011 is an important document for all members to read and understand - child welfare and protection is the over-arching policy for Badminton Ireland, and must be a priority for all adults working with and responsible for children. The NCO will liaise with Club Children’s Officers and other relevant people working in Clubs and Associate members.
The NCO is also responsible for ensuring appropriate training programmes are available to members to raise the awareness of all child welfare and protection issues. Clubs can contact their Club Development Officer for any specific requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What rules and recommendations does Badminton Ireland have for the conduct of adults and children in the sport?

All members are required to adhere to the Badminton Ireland’s Safeguarding Children 2011 - the overall policy with specific procedures.  These guidelines cover codes of conduct, rules on travelling, use of photography (and associated equipment), supervision, discipline and complaints, bullying, recruitment and selection, and child protection issues such as types of abuse, reporting procedures and responding to concerns.

Q: Are these rules and recommendations relevant to all levels of members of Badminton Ireland i.e. participants, coaches, administrators, managers, etc?

All leaders (coaches/teachers, officials, team management), committees, parents and participants are required to sign up to the code of conduct every year by reconfirming their membership to Badminton Ireland.  Leaders are also required to undergo vetting as part of the membership process - vetting must presently be updated every 3 years.
Club Committees are responsible for ensuring the codes of conduct have been completed by all club members.
All Club, Associate and Badminton Ireland members must adhere to Safeguarding Children 2011.

All coaches, teachers, tutors, club children’s officers and designated persons are required to have completed the Basic Awareness Child Protection training prior to registration or re-affiliation with Badminton Ireland. Those who attend a Shuttle Time course are not required to attend a Child Safeguarding course as they are Teachers, who have already attended such a course. Those who are non-teachers are qualified to act as assistant coaches and should only work under the supervision of at least a Level 1 qualified coach. However it is suggested that all those with an interest in coaching should attend a Child Safeguarding course. For further information on child protection training please contact Cheryl Evans on 087 262 4022 or at

Q:  What are some of the specific protections in place to protect children and adults?

As mentioned, all leaders partake of training to raise awareness of child welfare and protection issues, plus committee members, parents and any support staff are encouraged to attend the same Basic Awareness Child Protection training.

All clubs are recommended to formally ‘recruit’ members who will have access to children – this involves completing an application form, giving references and undergoing the relevant vetting process.   Vetting forms part of the recruitment and selection process.  For all information re Vetting contact Cheryl Evans at or 00353872624022

All Clubs must have a Children’s Officer, one of which should be the Designated Person in situ. Clubs must inform their members of the names and contact details of these personnel.

Any queries or concerns should be raised with any of these personnel or the Badminton Ireland National Children’s Officer directly.

No teacher or coach should ever work alone.

The emphasis is on prevention and an awareness of the practices required to be vigilant in our sport to ensure children can take part safely 

Q: What role do parents, clubs and committees play regarding child welfare and protection?

Clubs should actively promote the adherence to Badminton Ireland’s policies and procedures, and this requires involving parents and making them aware of the policies.

By attending the Basic Awareness Child Protection training teachers, coaches, parents and other relevant personnel become aware and understand the safeguards that should be and that are in place.

It is a Badminton Ireland recommendation that all coaches and teachers are supervised in their coaching by at least one other adult; so that there is one male and one female in attendance.

All clubs are required to appoint a Children’s Officer that is responsible for the welfare of children in the club; and is the designated person who is responsible for liaising with the statutory authorities.

All parents and club committees should make sure these policies and practices are in place and adhered to, in their club where children take part.

Safeguarding Children 2010 is developed from the ‘Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children in Sport’, produced by the Irish Sports Council.  Both documents are based on the Department of Health document ‘Children First – National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children’.

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Any questions please contact Badminton Ireland Children’s Officer – Cheryl Evans at  or on +353 872624022