National Squads

Badminton Ireland has Junior National squads which hold regular squad sessions at the National Centre in MIE, Dublin. From these squads, teams will be selected to represent Ireland at international level.

The first squad at the start of each year is open to all eligible players that would like to try out for the National Junior squad. This first squad session will include multiple tests on and off court along with matchplay.

The National Squad coaches will select a group of players after the first squad session based on performance in this first session, previous season results, future potential as deemed by the National Coaching Team and talent identification tools like ‘Teicnic Badminton’ to judge ability.

Players who would like to attend the national underage squads may attend multiple age group squads. However, it is a priority for the player to attend the age group they currently fall into during the 2013/2014 season. For example a player who is eligible for the Irish U13 squad may attend the U15 squad, but this must not be at the expense of any U13 squads. Any player failing to attend their national under-age squad without good reason removes themselves from selection.
If you require any further information please contact the National Coach

For consideration for the various National Squads please register by completing the following participation registraion form by the 2nd of August to be considered for the squads.

National Senior Team Events (17+ age group)

  • Coach – Dan Magee
  • Coach - Tom Reidy
  • Main season's event – European Men's and Women's team Championships (11th-16th of February 2014)
  • Main season's event – Team match vs Sweden (December 2013)
  • Squad Dates September 29th 13:00-15:00

National u17 Squad

  • Coach - Andrew Stewart
  • Coach - Cheryl Evans
  • Event Calendar - Click here
  • Squad Dates - August 3rd, January 4th - (Squad 10am-2pm Marino) & March 9th
  • Main season's event – European U17 Individual Event (Ankara, Turkey - March 15th-23rd 2014)

National u15 Squad

  • Coach - Ben Caldwell
  • Coach - Naomi Darragh
  • Event Calendar - Click here
  • Squad Dates - August 10th, January 4th, April 20th
  • Main season's event - 4 Nations Quadrangular (Wales, 2-4th May, 2014) 
  • Main season's event - European U15 Individual Championships (Switzerland 14th-16th February, 2014)

National u13 Squad

  • Coach - Al Bredin
  • Coach - Sonya Dunne
  • Event CalendarClick here
  • Squad Dates - November 9th, March 9th, April 19th
  • Main season's event - "Olympic Day" with Hp director Tom Reidy, National Coach Daniel Magee and International Olympic players

Want to be part of the Badminton Ireland National Coaching Team for the 2014/2015 season? Please contact the National Coach before the 1st February 2014.

For more information please contact the office or call +353 1 839 3028