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18/12-High PerformanceTurkey International 2014
18/12-EventsEvent Memorandum
18/12-High PerformanceEuropean Mixed Team Championships announcement
18/12-LeinsterLeinster Badminton Christmas Bonanza
15/12-ConnachtThe West Is Best
14/12-UlsterUlster U15 Open 2014
11/12-General2015 European Games Ticket Sign Up
10/12-High PerformanceItalian International 2014
09/12-High Performance2014 Italian International
09/12-UlsterUlster U15 Open 2014
09/12-High PerformanceIrish team announced for the 2015 European Mixed Team Championship finals to be held in Belgium read more……..
08/12-High PerformanceNational squad training
07/12-EventsCarlton Irish Open 2014 – Back to Back titles for Corrales
06/12-EventsCarlton Irish Open S/F – Kaesbauer & Herttrich looking to end 2014 on a high.
04/12-EventsDarragh and Boyle secure European games qualification
04/12-EventsEvans and Magee forced to withdraw from the Carlton Irish Open
03/12-EventsMagee devastated by withdrawal from the Carlton Irish Open
02/12-MunsterIreland v Taiwan Select
29/11-ConnachtConnacht Grade A Open
29/11-High Performance2014 Portuguese Junior
28/11-MunsterIrish team selected for Pre-Irish International match
28/11-Events2014 Carlton Irish Open
27/11-High Performance2014 Welsh Open
27/11-DevelopmentWelcome to Lecanvey
27/11-DevelopmentLocal GAA hall - 'A perfect venue'
26/11-ConnachtConnacht Grade A Open
26/11-EventsTournament Software Changes 2014
24/11-MunsterWaterford Invitational 2014
21/11-MunsterMunster Juvenile Inter-County Competition
20/11-MunsterJuvenile club launches in Bruree
19/11-High PerformanceHong Kong Super Series 2014
17/11-DevelopmentCommunity centre redevelopment leads to new club
17/11-Munster"Keeping up-to-date"
16/11-EventsCarlton Irish Para Championships 2014
16/11-Development"Juvenile clubs are the future of our sport"
15/11-ConnachtShuttletime 2014
14/11-LeinsterGuiness World Record Attempt
12/11-High Performance2014 China Open
12/11-EventsIrish Para Championships 2014
11/11-GeneralBadminton Ireland welcomes John Haughney
09/11-High PerformanceIreland secures a spot among Europe’s elite at the European Championships.
09/11-High PerformanceIreland on track to qualify for the European Mixed Team Championships
07/11-High PerformanceEvans leads Ireland to a 4-1 victory over Norway
04/11-GeneralBadminton Ireland welcomes David McGill
04/11-High PerformanceEuropean Mixed Team Championships
04/11-ConnachtConnacht U11/U15 Opens
02/11-High PerformanceEvans misses out in $120,000 Grand Prix Gold Bitburger final
02/11-EventsButler Doubles Up in A Grade Finals.
01/11-EventsAll Ireland Grade F Championship results
01/11-High Performance2014 Bitburger Open
31/10-High Performance2014 Bitburger Open
30/10-High Performance2014 Bitburger Open
30/10-ConnachtConnacht U11/U15 Opens
29/10-High Performance2014 Bitburger Open
29/10-GeneralHow do you fancy being a record breaker?
28/10-GeneralBadminton Ireland Welcomes Beth Davies
28/10-EventsDave Galloway Memorial Match 2014
28/10-High Performance2014 Bitburger Open
27/10-EventsAll Ireland Grade A & F Championships
24/10-High PerformanceFrench Super Series 2014
23/10-High Performance2014 French Super Series
22/10-High Performance2014 French Super Series
20/10-MunsterMunster U13/U17 Opens
19/10-Events2014 Louth Open
15/10-High PerformanceDenmark Open Premier Super Series 2014
14/10-High PerformanceDenmark Open Premier Super Series 2014
14/10-MunsterMunster U13/U17 Opens
13/10-LeinsterLouth Open 2014
13/10-High Performance2014 Denmark Open Premier Super Series
13/10-MunsterMunster U11/U15 Opens
09/10-DevelopmentTeicnic Summer camp
06/10-MunsterMunster U11/U15 Opens
06/10-DevelopmentAction Lesotho Needs your Club's Help
05/10-EventsEnglish Gold Circuit
05/10-ConnachtSpanish fiesta for Quiles in Connacht
05/10-High PerformanceBulgaria Open 2014
04/10-High PerformanceBulgaria Open 2014
03/10-High PerformanceBulgaria Open 2014
01/10-MunsterBubbleGum club fundraiser
29/09-ConnachtConnacht Open 2014
29/09-UlsterUlster U11 & U17 Opens
28/09-CoachingShuttletime tutor course
27/09-EventsEuropean bronze medal for Sian Williams
24/09-Events2014 European Senior Championships - Day 3
23/09-Events2014 European Senior Championships -Day 2
23/09-UlsterUlster U17 Open 2014
21/09-LeinsterAutumn Open 2014
19/09-High Performance2014 Polish Open
19/09-High PerformanceIrish Institute of Sport trip to Bosön
18/09-High Performance2014 Polish Open
15/09-LeinsterAutumn Open 2014
15/09-EventsEuropean Para Badminton Championships 2014
14/09-MunsterMunster Open 2014
12/09-Events2014 European Senior Championships
11/09-High PerformanceIrish team selected for European Mixed team qualification
08/09-MunsterMunster Open 2014
07/09-EventsFinals day Carlton U19/U15 Opens
06/09-EventsCarlton Irish U19/U15 Opens
05/09-EventsCarlton Irish U19 Open
04/09-GeneralNational Badminton Week 8-14th September
01/09-EventsCarlton Irish U19/U15 Opens 2014
01/09-LeinsterMt. Pleasant Open 2014
28/08-High PerformanceWorld Championships 2014
28/08-MunsterMunster Open
27/08-EventsPembroke badminton ladder
27/08-High PerformanceWorld Championships 2014
25/08-High PerformanceWorld Championships 2014
25/08-EventsMt. Pleasant Open 2014
24/08-High PerformanceWorld Championships 2014
22/08-High Performance2014 Slovakia Open
22/08-EventsShuttle-Time Commercial Partner
19/08-DevelopmentTeicnic Badminton - 'development for all'
19/08-EventsYoungest member of Transplant Team Ireland wins Silver at European Games
18/08-GeneralStart of a new season
17/08-High PerformanceNational squad and Anti-Doping weekend
16/08-High PerformanceNational squads get underway
10/08-High PerformanceBrasil Grand Prix 2014
09/08-Development"Its the best thing you'll do all summer"
09/08-High PerformanceBrasil Grand Prix 2014
08/08-High PerformanceBrasil Grand Prix 2014
07/08-CoachingMembers Coaching with Irwansyah
07/08-EventsNational squad reminder
07/08-High PerformanceBrasil Grand Prix 2014
05/08-High PerformanceBrasil Grand Prix 2014
03/08-CoachingWorld Badminton federation level two coaching Dublin
01/08-High PerformanceJuly Talent camp 2014
31/07-EventsImportant Notice for Juvenile Tournaments
30/07-DevelopmentBadminton Ireland and Aspen promoting an "active workforce"
28/07-High PerformanceVejen Perfection
27/07-Coaching"Hard Work Late Nights"
26/07-Coaching'Having a good structure in place is the key to success'
25/07-High PerformanceFour nations elite camp Switzerland 2014
21/07-High PerformanceFour Nations Elite Camp Switzerland 2014
20/07-High PerformanceTeam Ireland lose to South Africa
19/07-High PerformanceIreland beat Canada 4-1
14/07-High PerformanceBadminton Ireland National squads parent information meeting July 27th
12/07-LeinsterSummer Bonanza 2014
12/07-High PerformanceUS Open Grand Prix Gold
11/07-EventsWhen is the member's forum?
10/07-High PerformanceUS Open Grand Prix Gold
08/07-GeneralSave Big with Badminton Ireland
07/07-High PerformanceIrish International Matches
05/07-High PerformanceCanada Grand Prix 2014
05/07-LeinsterBadminton Ireland Coaching Clinics
04/07-MunsterBadminton Ireland Coaching Clinics
03/07-High PerformanceCanada Open 2014
03/07-MunsterBadminton Ireland Coaching Clinics
02/07-High PerformanceCanada Open 2014
02/07-ConnachtBadminton Ireland Coaching Clinics
26/06-GeneralMr. Michael Tierney
20/06-EventsBWF to test Scoring Option
18/06-DevelopmentAction Lesotho
11/06-DevelopmentPara Badminton makes another leap forward
08/06-High Performance2014 Lithuanian Open
07/06-High Performance2014 Lithuanian Open
05/06-High PerformanceInternational Matches
05/06-DevelopmentBadminton Ireland Coaching Clinics
01/06-High PerformanceGlasgow Youth International
25/05-EventsGalway take grade F honours in epic final - 2014 BI Inter-County day 2
25/05-GeneralCEO Summer Update
24/05-EventsWexford edge out Cork in Grade C - 2014 Badminton Ireland Inter-County Finals
24/05-High PerformanceSpanish Open 2014
23/05-High PerformanceSpanish Open 2014
20/05-EventsBadminton Ireland Intercounties 2014
19/05-High PerformanceSpanish Open 2014
18/05-High PerformanceHellas Open 2014
17/05-High PerformanceHellas Open 2014
14/05-EventsWexford County Presentation
14/05-GeneralNew kit for next season
12/05-Coaching"Easy steps to teach badminton"
11/05-Events2014 Interleague Finals – NUIG & Nomads go the distance in Grade G.
08/05-CoachingIs your coach insured and up-to-date?
07/05-EventsAll Ireland Interleague Finals
05/05-EventsReynolds and Magee strike gold in Wales!
04/05-EventsCarlton Irish Masters Day 2
04/05-EventsCarlton Irish Masters Day 1 – ‘Watt’ a day for Michael.
03/05-GeneralBadminton Ireland AGM
03/05-EventsEuropean Senior Championships 2014
03/05-Events"Finishing the day on a high!"
01/05-Events"Who do we play first?"
01/05-DevelopmentNephin Road BC Kicks Off
01/05-GeneralPlay More With Mars Milk Fund
28/04-CoachingShuttle Time Inspires NUIM Teachers
28/04-EventsCarlton Irish Masters Open 2014
25/04-High PerformanceApril Talent camp 2014
24/04-High PerformanceEuropean Individual Championships 2014
23/04-High PerformanceEuropean Individual Championships 2014
19/04-High PerformanceIrish under 13 squad 'Olympic day'
17/04-High PerformanceEuropean Individual Championships
13/04-Events98th All England Masters 2014
12/04-High PerformanceCroatian Open 2014
07/04-EventsAll Ireland Graded Individual Championships 2014
04/04-High PerformanceFinland Open 2014
03/04-High PerformanceFinland Open 2014
03/04-EventsAll Ireland Graded Individual Championships 2014
01/04-High PerformanceTeam Ireland looking for Finals at Finland
31/03-CoachingTutors from all over Europe
25/03-DevelopmentPara Badminton Powers Forward
24/03-EventsAll Ireland Graded Individual Championships 2014
24/03-EventsBadminton Europe summer school reminder
24/03-ConnachtConnacht Badminton a day of events
24/03-Development"We only have five rackets in the school"
23/03-MembershipNew Member Offer
21/03-High PerformanceMagee accepted for the pursuit of excellence podium programme
20/03-EventsAll Ireland Schools Finals 2014
20/03-High PerformanceEuropean U17 individual championships
17/03-ConnachtBadminton Ireland exhibition Galway lawn tennis club
17/03-High Performance'Another chance for Reynolds'
16/03-EventsAll Ireland Interprovincials 2014
15/03-High PerformanceRaphoe finals night exhibition
15/03-High PerformanceEuropean U17 individual championships
14/03-DevelopmentTokyo 2020 Moves Ever Closer For Para Badminton
13/03-DevelopmentThe Sky's the Limit - Para Badminton Galway
13/03-High PerformanceMemorable All England performance for Magee
13/03-EventsInterprovincials 2014
12/03-High PerformanceSwiss Open campaign comes to an end
12/03-UlsterAn Evening with a World Champion!
10/03-UlsterUlster Open 2014
06/03-UlsterUlster Open 2014
05/03-High PerformanceAll England 2014 continued!
05/03-High PerformanceAll England 2014
04/03-CoachingTrainee Tutors put to the test in Kaunas.
04/03-UlsterUlster Masters Championships
03/03-EventsIrish U13/U17 National Championships
01/03-High PerformanceAll England championships 2014
28/02-GeneralSpring CEO Update
28/02-EventsCarlton Irish Masters Open 2014
27/02-EventsIrish U17/U13 National Championships
27/02-GeneralVolunteers in Sport Awards
25/02-High PerformanceGerman open 2014
19/02-EventsAll Ireland Intercounty Finals
17/02-EventsAlpha win both Premier and Grade A Club Cups; SligoTC retain Grade C Cup
17/02-EventsMcVeigh Wins Scottish 4 Nations
16/02-High PerformanceUnder 15 European Championships 2014
16/02-UlsterRoadside Motors Lisburn Ulster Masters 2014
14/02-High PerformanceEuropean Men’s & Women’s Team Championships - Irish girls sign off with a win
13/02-High PerformanceEuropean Team Badminton Championships
12/02-High PerformanceEuropean mens team championships
12/02-High PerformanceEuropean women team championships
11/02-EventsAll Ireland Club Cups
11/02-High PerformanceEuropean Men and Women Team Championships
07/02-UlsterUlster Masters Championships
02/02-EventsIrish National/U15 Championships 2014
29/01-EventsIrish National/U15 Championships 2014
29/01-High Performance2014 European U17 Championships
28/01-LeinsterLeinster U13 & U17 Opens 2014
27/01-EventsIrish Masters National Championships
21/01-LeinsterLeinster Open 2014
20/01-EventsIrish Masters Nationals
20/01-LeinsterLeinster U11 and U15 Opens
16/01-High PerformanceSwedish Open 2014
15/01-High PerformanceContinue your Badminton as you complete your education
14/01-LeinsterLeinster Open Championships 2014
13/01-High PerformanceBadminton Ireland launch Academy Cell
13/01-UlsterUlster U13 Open results
08/01-UlsterUlster U13 Open
06/01-Events2014 European Men’s and Women’s Team Championships
03/01-CoachingStart the year by learning a new skill!
03/01-CoachingShuttle Time in 2014
02/01-UlsterBob Colhoun Receives MBE