M.I.E. Teachers start Shuttle Time Programme


M.I.E. Teachers start Shuttle Time Programme

Mark January 23rd 2013 down as a historic date in your Calendars! Today saw the start of the first ever Shuttle Time course for primary school teachers in Ireland, and took place at the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin.

In total a whopping 46 teachers signed up to the 8 hour course which will see them equipped with all the necessary knowledge and resources to teach Badminton to their students. The opening session focused on the first 10 'starter' lessons of Shuttle Time and was split into an initial overview & brainstorming, followed up by on-court time, with the hall divided into 4 'Play Stations'. Each 'Play Station' was supervised by a qualified coach, with each group of teachers partaking in every activity. Subsequent sessions will see the group divided in half to ensure each teacher receives the necessary individual tutoring and finishes the course with an excellent grasp of teaching badminton.

A big thanks to all the teachers who attended the first session and also the PE Lecturer in MIE, Suzy Macken, who dedicated time and energy to scheduling and promoting the course.

Over the coming months Badminton Ireland will organise a number of Shuttle time courses for teachers, details con be found on the Badminton Ireland Coaching Calendar.

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