Sport Ireland has developed a Safeguarding Audit Tool


Sport Ireland has developed a Safeguarding Audit Tool

Sport Ireland has released a new Safeguarding Audit Tool which will assist clubs in developing a Child Risk Assessment. This is a necessary document for clubs in order to comply with the Children's First Act 2015 in the Republic of Ireland.


Once a Child Risk Assessment has been completed, a Child Safeguarding Statement can be developed.

Club Safeguarding Officers are asked to complete the Risk Assessment on the below link, and this process must be completed by the 18th December 2019.

Please click here for Risk Assessment

Please see also the following two documents which are useful for completing the Risk Assessment

Completing Clubs RA

Sport Ireland Club Safeguarding Audit

If you have any issues in completing the Audit Tool, please contact Conor Fadian on or by phone on 086 0288 555.

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