2018 Coaches conference finishes but the exchange of knowledge has only just begun read more…..


2018 Coaches conference finishes but the exchange of knowledge has only just begun read more…..

Coaches and players travelled from across the four provinces of Ireland to attend the 2018 annual coaching conference. This year’s conference saw a great mix of adults, juveniles, coaches, players and coach developers as the conference hit a record number of members in attendance

Over the weekend there were a number of highlights across a variety of exciting topics. Big thanks must go to all of the guest speakers. Chloe Magee, Andy Stewart, Fiach Andrews, Tony Robinson, John Quinn, Leslie Dewart and Paul Reynolds, who delivered some great insight both on and off the court as they challenged and inspired the members through the pieces they delivered.

“This was my third year leading the coaching conference and each year I have organised the event I have tried to capture the imagination of the members. We have coaches and players who give up huge amounts of their lives towards badminton. The coach who takes the local club, the Juveniles who train with a goal of winning their local event, county title, national championship or international event. Each and every member contribute to our badminton community and after this weekend I am even more proud to be part of it. I hope everyone will return again next year and bring a badminton friend as we continue to grow this community and spread the love of our sport across Ireland” Performance and Training Director Daniel Magee

We would like to thank all our staff for their hard work in supporting this event. Greg Farrell, Lauren Au,Craig McCourtney and Fiach Andrews who all work so hard behind the scenes to support this event and without their help it wouldn’t be possible.

To finish we will leave you with a quote from a young girl who got a train then a bus to travel to the conference from County Offaly.

It was a great pleasure meeting three time Olympian and European Bronze medalist in mixed Doubles Chloe Magee. I have idealised her from such a young age and was delighted that she was giving a talk at the coaching conference today. She is an inspiration to female players over Ireland for her enthusiasm, achievement and determination in the sport. I also had the pleasure to see her train on court today and I was blown away. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life” Grace Johnson Killoughey Badminton Offaly

When you read a quote like this you know the weekend has been worthwhile. Thank you all for attending and we hope to see you all again next year. 

Article By Performance and Training Director Daniel Magee

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