Risk Assessment and Club Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Protection

Risk Assessment and Club Child Safeguarding Statement

URGENT Responses required for all Juvenile Clubs **DEADLINE Monday 11th March 2018**

All clubs that have 1+ juveniles in their club have been notified of the obligation to review the Risk Assessment and the Club Child Safeguarding Statement. There has been key legislation that was implemented in December 2017 pertaining to the safeguarding of all juveniles playing sport in the ROI. You may be familiar with the Children First Act 2015 which was completed in December 2017 to be implemented by all Sports clubs, County reps, Branch reps and ourselves as the National Governing Body for Badminton.

Please find the link attached for the full Children First Act 2015 - https://www.dcya.gov.ie/documents/Publications/ChildrenFirst.pdf

To ensure we are compliant with the act, Sport Ireland have created a risk assessment covering off key risks to children if the proper controls are not in place. This needs to be reviewed by yourselves and confirmed back to us by 11th March 2018. We understand that this is a very tight deadline which has been imposed by the above legislation and Sport Ireland.

When you open the document at first there appears to be a lot of information to be absorbed but we have gone through it for you and updated each risk with a grade of High, Medium and Low, highlighted the policies and mitigating actions.

/file/796042/?dl=1 - Club Child Safeguarding Statement

/file/796044/?dl=1 - Risk Assessment

/file/796043/?dl=1 - Risk Assessment Summary doc


In addition, I have created a summary document which I have also attached, but before you open up the attached, Please fill out the questionnaire below:


Once you have satisfied the above minimum requirements then move on to the next steps

Step 1. Review the Risk Assessment

  1. The Risk assessment has been populated by ourselves for you to review at your next club committee meeting
  2. You may adjust accordingly as it is a working template with guidelines
  3. Badminton Ireland will work with all clubs on an ongoing basis to ensure there is support on this

Step 2. Your Club Safeguarding Statement

  1. When you have completed step 1 review your Safeguarding Statement – as attached
  2. Insert your club name and sign it as the SO

Step 3. Display you Club Safeguarding Statement

  1. As per Section 11 of the Children First Act 2015, all clubs must display their signed Safeguarding Signature at the club venue

Step 4. Confirmation to Badminton Ireland

  1. Once step 1-3 have been completed please send a one-line email to ecoakley@badmintonireland.com prior to 11th March 2018 to confirm


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