Munster CPD is a huge hit as the countdown starts until the 2017 Coaching Conference


Munster CPD is a huge hit as the countdown starts until the 2017 Coaching Conference

What is CPD is the age-old question? Is it a tutor standing in front of a group of coaches reading off a PowerPoint presentation while explaining that CPD stands for Continual Professional Development? Or can CPD be something more than just a tick box exercise?


This was the challenge that national coaches John Quinn and Daniel Magee put to the coaches in attendance from the counties of Tipperary, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Offaly and Waterford at the Munster CPD session on Saturday the 1st of July in Nenagh college County Tipperary.

Right from the word go the coaches were challenged to think about designing a session. The theme on progressing a routine made coaches think about

  1. Looking at technical work and how to help juveniles create their own buzz words. One example mentioned from County Clare was the Usain Bolt where the presentation of the racket mimicked the athletics superstar post-race celebration.
  2. Decision-making abilities. The tactical routines we do, how many decisions has a player had to make during the routine. Rather than teach or tell the player, let them discover this for themselves through the decisions they make.
  3. Consequence: By adding pressure to the routine how do the technical and tactical choices hold up. If we expect our players to perform these skills and make good tactical choices in pressure situations, then we need to replicate this in training.

In the first session, the coaches designed what they would do with the players under the guidance of Quinn and Magee. After an hour and half of preparation, it was then time for the national coaches to step back and watch the coaches in training in action.

“It was fantastic to see the coaches take the challenge we had set. We find that the best style of learning, is through diving in at the deep end and that is exactly what the coaches did. The coaches took the information we provided and led an excellent session with kids with a wide range of ability and experience. We were able to provide feedback throughout and challenge the coaches to find the solutions” Daniel Magee National Coaching team

The last session of the day the coaches were able to shadow national coach John Quinn as he took the kids through a typical court session. This was a great example of what coaching at the highest level looks like. Coaches again were challenged to get involved and help across the courts.

“The Munster CPD session in Nenagh was a fantastic day which afforded coaches the opportunity to work with & learn from our National High-Performance Coaches. It also gave coaches the opportunity to share ideas & engage in valuable discussion.The opportunity to run a coaching session on the day & get feedback from Dan Magee & John Quinn was also invaluable. A very enjoyable day with most of the coaches now looking forward to the National Coaching Conference in Marino 22/23 July 2017”. Mike O'Meara coach County Tipperary

The Munster CPD has set the tone nicely for the upcoming Coaching Conference that is set to be held in Marino Institute of Education on July 22nd and 23rd. John Quinn will be back in action alongside guest speakers Lyndon Williams and Andy Stewart in what is set to be an exciting weekend for coaches and members. Final places are being filled this week so contact to book your spot before it is too late.

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