From Latvia to Lithuania

High Performance

From Latvia to Lithuania

After good results for some of the players at the Latvia International, they now travel to the Lithuania International where they hope to push into the further stages of the competition. There was back to back quarter-final finishes in both the Romanian International and Latvian International for Sara Boyle. She was playing alongside Rachael Darragh in her quarter-final finish at Latvia. Mark Brady also had a good run over the past week, after he won four matches to make it out of a huge 128 player qualification draw at the Latvia International.

The players travelling to Lithuania include Rachael Darragh, Sara Boyle, Ciaran Chambers, Sinead Chambers, Mark Brady and Nhat Nguyen. Play starts tomorrow with the qualification rounds of the women's singles, men's singles and men's doubles. 

Follow this link for all of the Irish matches on the opening two days of the event.

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