Two successful white Teicnic Badminton courses held


Two successful white Teicnic Badminton courses held

Two succesful Teicnic Badminton white level courses ran on the weekend. One took place in Raphoe Badminton Club in Donegal, while the other was held in Lucan Junior Badminton Club in Dublin. Over 30 people were passed through the course with the clubs now looking to start working on the material for the yellow level. The white level is the first of 7 levels in the Teicnic Badminton Programme. The programme aims to improve the level of badminton tecnique across the country with inceasing difficulty as the levels progress.

If you would like to run a Teicnic Badminton course in your club then you can email or call us on 01 830 3028.

For more information on Teicnic Badminton or to download any of the levels click on this link.


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