• Places Limited on Level 1 Coaching Course

    21/02/2017 CoachingPlaces Limited on Level 1 Coaching Course

    The level 1 coaching qualification is the second step on the coaching ladder after the Shuttle Time course. The level 1 course is designed for those people who have a basic level of badminton experience and knowledge, who wish to coach at school or club level. Places are limited on the course so see below for details and how to book a place.

    Details for our first Level 1 course of the year are as follows:


    Location: Ardclough GAA Club, Naas, Co.Kildare.


    1st weekend - 4th/5th March

    2nd weekend - 29th/30th April

    Cost: €300

    If you are interested in going on the course then please email or give us a call on (01) 839 3028.

    For more information on the Level 1 coaching course click on this link.

  • FZ Forza Irish Club Championships 2017 Day 2

    19/02/2017 EventsFZ Forza Irish Club Championships 2017 Day 2

    The second day of the FZ Forza Irish Club Championships saw the semi-finals and finals of the grade A and C being played. Lakewood retained the Grade A title for the second consecutive year, while Ailesbury won the grade C section. There was a number of close matches in the semi finals and finals. There were also play off matches for 3rd/4th placing as well as 5th/6th.

    In the grade A semi finals Mount Pleasant versus Alpha came right down to the wire. The game was level 3-3 going into the mixed match. Mount Pleasant saved three match points over the course of the mixed. They ended up winning the mixed in three games, 23-21 in the third. In the other semi-final Lakewood were comfortable winners against Greenwell Street.

    In the Grade C section Ailesbury came out winners against Old Bawn with some exciting matches throughout. Kingdom won the other semi-final in grade C section beating Johnswell.

    Some great badminton was played in the finals of both the grade A and C with players cheering their teammates on from the side of the courts. The grade A final was between Mount Pleasant and Lakewood. Lakewood performed well to retain the title for the second year running. The grade C final was a close match where Ailesbury came up against Kingdom. This final had some exciting matches but went down to the mixed which Ailesbury won to claim the grade C title.

    A big thank you to Badminton Ireland president Betty Thompson for presenting the medals, to Aengus Sheerin and Micheal O'Morain for running the event, Galway lawn tennis club and all the participating players and clubs.

    For all the results over the two days click on this link.

    For the photos from the event follow this link.

  • FZ Forza Irish Club Championships 2017 Day 1

    18/02/2017 EventsFZ Forza Irish Club Championships 2017 Day 1

    Galway Lawn Tennis Club is playing host to the FZ Forza All Ireland Club Championships this weekend where 12 teams and over 140 players have travelled to attempt to become winners of the grade A and C titles. The tournament is over 100 years old and is well attended by clubs from all over the country. There was a great atmosphere in the hall throughout the day with players catching up and socialising while they cheered on their teammates. The format for the matches are 1 men's and women's singles, 2 men's and women's doubles and 1 mixed for total of 7 matches.

    There were some exciting and close matches in the opening day of the competition. Grade A title holders Lakewood dominated in their first match beating Ballyclare 6-1 in the A section. The other match in the A section saw Greenwell Street come down to the last match against Clogher valley. It was 3-3 after some tight matches and it came down to the mixed. Greenwell Street managed to clinch the tie as they won the final mixed match in three games. In the later matches Mount Pleasant beat Clogher Valley 4-3 while Alpha won 5-2 against Ballyclare.

    In the Grade C section Oldbawn had a tight encounter with the hosts Galway Lawn Tennis Club (GLTC). Four of the matches went to three games with Oldbawn having a comeback to take victory in the final mixed. Also in the grade C section KADCA lost 6-1 Johnswell. In later matches in the Grade C section Ailesbury came out the 5-2 winners against KADCA while, Kingdom dominated over GLTC beating them 7-0.

    The tournament will continue tomorrow with the final being played later in the day. 

    For full results from day 1 click on this link.

    To see some of the photos from the event so far click on this link to be directed to our Facebook page.

  • Coach Education January Round Up

    17/02/2017 CoachingCoach Education January Round Up

    The Shuttle Time programme got off to a great start in January 2017 with a course having been run in every province in the first month. The aim of Shuttle Time is to get all children playing badminton in their school, club and college. 

    Our first course of the year was in Coolmine, Blanchardstown on the 8th of January. The course was well attended with people coming from across the province to take part. The next course ran was in Oranmore where one of our Badminton Ireland Academy Cell's is held under academy coaches Shane Wynne and Anthony Conneely.  

    On the 20th of January Karen Brady ran a student teacher Shuttle Time course in University of Limerick where a large group of training teachers took part.

    On the 28th of January we ran two Shuttle Time courses on opposite ends of the country. One was held in Carrigaline Badminton Club led by Tony Robinson alongside Michelle Hayes and the other was held in Avoniel Leisure centre led by Mervyn Fee. Both courses had great attendance with some good feedback coming from the participants. "The course was really enjoyable and useful" - Shuttle Time participant.

    Also in coach education, we had licenced coaches Craig McCourtney and Mark Topping travel to Cardiff and complete the Shuttle Time Tutor/Trainer course. They both achieved the higher Trainer status from this course.

    We have an upcoming level 1 course in Arcdlough Gaa club with the two weekends being the 4th/5th of March and 29th/30th April. For all of our upcoming coaching course click on the link.

    The Teicnic Summer Camp applications are now also open and they can be found by clicking on this link.

  • Team Ireland lose out but show future promise

    16/02/2017 High PerformanceTeam Ireland lose out but show future promise

    It was a tough European Mixed Team Championship campaign for the Irish Team as they lost out to stronger Swedish and English sides. The team performed very well in both matches but were unable to overcome higher ranked opposition.

    Match 1 Ireland v Sweden

    It was a tough start for Ireland as they lost out to a solid Swedish team.

    Scott Evans was the first player on court as he faced Henri Huskainen. Huskainen like Scott has been a lead figure in his countries team for many years now and like Scott was hoping to get his team off to a winning start.

    It was Evans (pictured left) who looked the more dangerous player in the opening game as he beat his higher ranked opponent 21-15. In the second game Evans continued to dominate and was looking in a good position as he led 14-10. The Swede bounced back at this stage of the game winning 9 consecutive points before Evans broke his rhythm. Henri's Rhythm wasn't broke for long however as he took the second game 21-15. Henri led the whole way through the third game with Evans only bringing the game close towards the end as he drew back to 19-20. At 19-20 a missed serve from Evans cost him the match as Huskainen put the first point on the board for Sweden.

    Ireland's other Olympian Chloe Magee was next up. Magee faced a new member for the Swedish team, the up and coming Emma Karlsson. Karlsson took control of the game from the opening points and never looked back. Magee did manage to get back into the game briefly as she drew even in the second game at 13-13. Karlsson pushed on from this point again and sealed another match for Sweden winning 21-14 21-14.

    Sweden now led 2-0 and Ireland had to take the next game to stay in the tie. The 2015 European Bronze medalists Sam and Joshua Magee (pictured right) took to the court to face Richard Eidestedt and Nico Ruponen. The Irish had faced the Swedish pair twice this year already in international competition and the score was 1 win each. The match itself lived up to the hype with the tie going to the deciding game. The Swedish took the opener 21-19, but the Irish bounced back to take the second game 21-16. In the deciding game the Irish had two match points that they failed to convert but at 23-22 the boys in green finally got the match across the line to take Ireland's first point of the match.

    With Sweden leading 2-1 next up it was Ireland's youngest pairing Sara Boyle and Rachael Darragh (pictured left). The Irish faced Clara Nistad and Emma Wengberg. The Swedish pair had just recently won the Swedish International and showed their class as they took the opening game 21-14. The Irish fought hard in the second and brought the game close at 15-18. The experience of the Swedes came through at this point as they went on to take the second game 21-17. This win secured the Swedish team the match with only the mixed left to play.

    Sam Magee and Chloe Magee were set to play the mixed but after a few points the pair had to withdraw due to an injury concern to Sam.

    Photos credits: Mark/Ben Phelan Badminton Europe.

    Match 2 Ireland v England

    Nhat Nguyen (pictured right) made his first appearance in a European Mixed Team Championship Final as he took to the court to face England's Toby Penty. Nguyen who took the European under 17 championship title in Lubin was back on a familiar court as he took on this more experienced and higher ranked opponent. Penty who has recently made the final of Estonia and won the Swedish international series was a big favourite going into this match. Nguyen fought hard but was unable to replicate his previous success on Polish soil, as he lost out 21-18 21-17.

    England continued to dominate the match as Fontaine Chapman took out Rachael Darragh in the women's singles. Darragh fought well in the opening game however, Chapman showed her physical edge as took the match in straight games.

    This was followed by an exciting men's doubles as the Olympic bronze medal pairing of Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis took out Joshua Magee and Nhat Nguyen. Joshua had won earlier in the day with his brother Sam but unfortunately Sam was unable to play in this match due to an injury concern. Nguyen and Magee fought hard but were out-played losing in two games 21-9 21-12.

    Next on court was the women's doubles where the English pairing of Lauren Smith and Sarah Walker beat Sara Boyle and Sinead Chambers with another convincing win.

    This left the mixed doubles where Ireland had their two three-time Olympians Scott Evans and Chloe Magee (pictured left) facing tough opposition in Chris and Gabby Adcock. The English pairing who are ranked 8 in the world showed their class winning the match 21-15 21-16.

    Ireland once again finished in the top 12 teams in Europe after coming through a tough qualification group. They will look to build upon the performances this week and will take away a number of positives, with the younger players gaining valuable experience.

    There has been a great balance in the team with the older players passing on their knowledge to the players coming through, while the older players went out and continued to display the determination and pride off wearing the green Irish jersey.

    The team thank everyone for the support and they look forward to their next Irish campaign.

    Photo credits: Mark/Ben Phelan Badminton Europe

    For the full results of both matches click on this link.

    If you want to re-watch some of the matches follow this link.

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High Performance

Mixed Doubles - 'Stand by your Man'

In February 2001 I did a study on the position of the woman in mixed doubles when the man is serving from the right-hand side of the court (the box that he serves from on an even score). Sounds very obvious when in fact there are two possible options for the woman. Firstly the 'orthodox' stance of the mixed pair, where the woman stands on the same side as her partner, see below:

Orthodox Stance

Secondly, you have the more 'unorthodox' stance of the pairing, where the woman stands on the other half of the court, see below:

Unorthodox Stance

When the initial study was carried out, I found that 8 of the top 12 mixed doubles pairings in the World utilized the orthodox stance for the woman, this included the English combinations of Simon Archer/Jo Goode and Ian Sullivan/Gail Emms. However, the other 4 pairings consisted of World Champions Kim Dong Moon/Ra Kyung Min, and Olympic Champions Zhang Jun/Gao Ling used the unorthodox stance. This posed a number of questions for me: 

In the orthodox formation, can the man cover service returns to both the left and rights courts?

You will need to try this for yourself and I understand that there are always individual differences, but a good accurate return of serve into the left-hand side of the court can cause the pairing huge problems. You only need to look at the space available to appreciate this. This big gap does not appear in the right court, where both players are already standing.

In the unorthodox formation, can the woman cover the service returns to the left court, with the man covering the right court?

In the unorthodox mixed formation, both sides of the court appear to be better protected. It is still very difficult for the woman to intercept a good return of serve to the left court; however, her presence there does not put added pressure on the receiver not to return there. The return may need to be pushed higher and deeper into the corner as opposed to a shorter return. The man can still cover the right-hand court effectively.

What is the best return of service against these two formations?

As mentioned in question 1, I feel that a safe and highly effective return of serve to the orthodox formation is a push into the space of the left court.

In the unorthodox formation there appears to be less freedom in which to return the service. However, a short cross-court return to the net into the area vacated by the woman has proved to be a possible area of vulnerability, but this return of serve is much more difficult to execute.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the orthodox and unorthodox stances?

The orthodox formation has the advantage that the woman can intercept the return of serve down the middle of the court; this is more difficult with the unorthodox stance. A disadvantage, as mentioned previously is the susceptibility to the return into the left court.

In the unorthodox formation, the serving pair cut down the perceived space on the court, therefore adding to the pressure on the receiver to play an accurate return. A disadvantage of this stance though is that in order to cover one space, the serving pair then leave themselves open to a cross-court return to the net.

How are we as coaches encouraging our players to stand, or have we never thought about it?

Personally I think it is very difficult for me to give a definite answer to my players on which formation is the most effective to use. Both have strong and weak points to support their case and often it is down to the individuals on how they feel. However, players and their coaches need to try both formations and work out which is best suited for the pairing. All we can do as coaches is inform them of the options and help them make educated decisions.

When I asked some of the players their thoughts on the unorthodox formation they believed that:

  • It cuts out the vulnerable return to the left court, as it forces the receiver to push the shuttle through the lady at the net.
  • It forced the receiver to return the shuttle more often to the man, therefore gaining in the initiative.
  • It confused opponents.

The men also believe that it is easier to serve in this formation, as they are given more space and room to serve.

Opinions can often be divided in these small tactical areas within the game, and World Class mixed doubles is becoming increasingly strategic where matches are won and lost in the first three shots of the rally. I feel that any small advantages that can be gained in this area need much investigation. Does it also make a difference if the serving man is left or right handed? I will leave you with one thought, currently 7 out of the top 12 mixed doubles pairings utilize the unorthodox formation when the man is serving from the right court.The four pictures above includes 2 pairs who have changed over the past number of years, so they obviously believe that there is some benefit to it.

So which do we believe is the orthodox and unorthodox formation now?

Article by National Coach, John Quinn.


Roadside Motors Lisburn Ulster Masters

The Roadside Motors Lisburn, Ulster Masters takes place on the 25th and 26th February at the National Badminton Centre, Lisburn. Ulster Branch President William Martin has said “as usual this is a great tournament with an excellent entry from throughout Ireland across all events and in particular for the mixed doubles".

Ulster Badminton would like to thank Roadside Motors for their continued support of this event.

To be directed to the Ulster Badminton Facebook page click on this link.

Pictured in header photo: Tony Clarke (Ulster Badminton) Jeff McIlroy (Roadside motors) and Garth Anderson (Ulster Badminton).

Piece by Ulster Badminton.

High Performance

U15 Quadrangular Team Announcement

The team selected to represent Ireland in the U15 Quadrangular Event in Dublin from the 28th-30th April is as follows:


Sean Patrick Laureta

Peter McDonald

Michael Staunton

Daniel O'Meara

Evan Byrne



Kim Feehily

Alexandra Troy 

Orla Flynn

Kerry Fallon

Megan McLoughlin


The event will take place in Baldoyle Badminton Centre.

You will be able to follow results on our Facebook and Twitter.


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