• REMINDER: Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place Saturday at 11am

    25/05/2018 GeneralREMINDER: Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place Saturday at 11am

    To all Branches, Clubs, Affiliated Bodies, Honorary Life Members and Past Presidents

    Badminton Ireland - Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

    (To be held at Irish Sport HQ, Dublin on Saturday 26th May 2017 at 11 am)

    The following AGM papers are now available via the Badminton Ireland website:
    • Agenda for AGM
    • Minutes of 2017 AGM
    • 2018 AGM Annual Report
    • Draft Financial Statements for 31 December 2017

    Printed copies of the report and audited accounts will be available on the day.
    If you require a printed copy of the AGM paper sent to you in advance of the meeting please contact the Badminton Ireland office on +353
    (0)1 8393028.
    Yours faithfully
    Badminton Ireland


    (14/04/2018) No Motions have been put forward for the 2018 AGM. No positions are up for election.

    For and on behalf of

    Badminton Ireland


    (10/03/2017) Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the Badminton Union of Ireland Limited will be held at Irish Sport HQ, Dublin on Saturday 26th May 2018 at 11 am.

    There are no positions up for election at the forthcoming AGM.

    Motions are required to be received by the Badminton Ireland office no later than nine (9) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting – by 5:30 pm on the 24th March.


    Yours faithfully

    For and on behalf of

    Badminton Ireland



    David McGill
    Chief Executive
    Badminton Ireland






  • Bronze for Flynn at the Glasgow Youth International

    21/05/2018 High PerformanceBronze for Flynn at the Glasgow Youth International

    Bronze medal for Siofra Flynn at the Glasgow Youth International read more.......






  • FZ Forza Irish Club Cups 2018

    21/05/2018 EventsFZ Forza Irish Club Cups 2018

    The re-arranged Irish Club Cups took place at Galway Lawn Tennis club over the weekend of the 19th/20th May. The competition was originally scheduled to take place on the 3rd/4th March 2018 but was postponed due to the bad weather. Despite the change in dates, 5 teams competed for the C cup; these teams included Waterford, GLTC, Kadca, Portarlington & Carrigaline. 


    Each team would play four ties in a round robin competition with the first games starting at 10.30am on the Saturday. GLTC would take on Kadca in opening round of fixtures whilst Carrigaline would play Portarlington. GLTC came out on top with a 6-1 score line over Kadca with three matches going to three games. As GLTC picked up their first points of the competition, Carrigaline would edge out Portarlington in an extremely close matchup. With matches being tied 2-2 going into the singles, Adam Barry & Caroline Hayes would will vital matches to secure the win for Carrigaline 4-3. The second round of matches would see eventual winner Waterford BC defeat GLTC whilst Carrigaline put on an impressive team display over Kadca. The eventual Gold and Silver medallists would meet in the third round of fixtures against each other in what ultimately determined the competition. Both teams traded wins in the Men's & Women's doubles, setting up an exciting contest in the singles matches. Callum Thomas showed his experience beating Adam Bary 21-13,21-16 to put Waterford within one match of victory in their tie against Carrigaline. Caroline Hayes needed to beat Lucy Fox to bring the fixture to the final match. Caroline got off to the perfect start with a 21-14 win over Lucy in the first game. Lucy responded very well in the second game winning 21-15. This set up a tense 3rd game, both players traded points and swings of momentum however Lucy Fox came out the eventual winner and secured the points for Waterford. 


    Waterford needed to overcome two more opponents to claim the C title. Another very close match against Portarlington who had taken a 3-1 lead going into the singles matches. Waterford's Callum Thomas and Lucy Fox would win close matches to tie the matchup and bring the fixture to a deciding match. Shauan Kenneally & Azhar Syed defeated Lesley Cobbe & Leon Coe 21-13,21-19. This victory put Waterford one win away, their final opposition was Kadca. Waterford came out with a determined attitude and played at a very high standard throughout the matchup, winning all seven matches to claim the C title. On the courts beside them saw GLTC compete against Portarlington to determine who would finish third. With the two teams tied at 3-3 Jack Davies & Susan Gilmore came from one game down to defeat Wayne Carter & Laura Coe to take third place in the competition.


    Click here for full results

    Click here for official photographs 


  • FREE Membership until 1 June 2018

    19/05/2018 MembershipFREE Membership until 1 June 2018

    The landscape of how we run our Badminton Clubs has dramatically changed over the past few years especially where there are juveniles and vulnerable adult members

    New legislative requirements for safeguarding children (Risk assessment and Statement)

    Upcoming legislation for safeguarding vulnerable adults

    New legislative requirements for protecting members’ data (GDPR) EU Directive

    A government mandate to achieve compliance with the Governance Code requirements

    Insurance liability and cover concerns for member organisations* and individual members* 



    To ensure that individual members are informed about, and protected by the new legislation, and to provide an assurance to parents and guardians that their children are playing badminton in an organisation that complies with current legislation.

    Badminton Ireland is developing policies, guidelines, procedures and training for both safeguarding and data protection.

    This essential, legal protection provided by the legislation and the Badminton Ireland policies applies only to Badminton Ireland member organisations and individual members.  To be entirely clear, for clubs, leagues, counties and branches to be deemed member organisations,

    All individual members must, in accordance with the Badminton Ireland constitution, be affiliated to Badminton Ireland.

    Member organisations that have members who are not affiliated to Badminton Ireland will not be covered by the provisions of the new legislation which means that:

    They, and their officers, will be jointly and individually legally responsible and accountable for safeguarding their children and vulnerable adults, and for protecting their members’ data

    They must develop their own policies to ensure compliance with the legislation in these areas



    The Board of Badminton Ireland understands that today not all clubs, leagues, counties and branches have all their members affiliated, and that suspension is a significant penalty for non-compliance; however, the consequences for

    Not safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults,

    Not protecting our members’ data in accordance with the new legislation (GDPR)

    Putting insured members at risk will result in very serious consequences for the Club. 

    To ensure that all Clubs, Leagues, Counties and Branches are covered, the Board has agreed as a once off to allow individual members to be affiliated for the remainder of 2018 FREE. This must be completed before June 1. 

    Please note that this affiliation is for the purposes of meeting the legislative, government and insurance requirements only; any individuals being affiliated through this process will not be eligible to play in any badminton events. 



    Check you have affiliated ALL your members

    Compare your club list with the Badminton Ireland membership database. 

    If you have affiliated ALL members complete PART A of the affiliation form on 


    If you haven’t affiliated all your members, then either:

    Complete the online affiliation process at and then complete and sign PART A of the affiliation form or

    If you do not intend to affiliate all of your members, complete and sign PART B of the affiliation form.

    For any queries contact

  • Great start for the Irish under 13 team read more.....

    18/05/2018 High PerformanceGreat start for the Irish under 13 team read more.....

    The Irish under 13 team has arrived at the 2018 Glasgow Youth International and will compete from 18th to the 20th of May.




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*IMPORTANT* Club Secretary Reminder - Consent

Clubs secretaries who have not yet given consent should follow the information below to complete this by the 25th May. 

Due to new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming in to effect from the 25th May we must get your consent for us to communicate with you after this date. We will be communicating with you via email, phone and possibly post. Your information may be shared with your branch and county also. We would advise that you provide consent as if not you may not be able to avail of the benefits of your membership fully. If you do not consent you will not be able to receive any communication from us should you have problems with your affiliations or members. You may not be able to receive important information regarding your member insurance which is a part of the membership. You may also miss out on events, marketing and courses that may be of interest to members of the club.


If you do not complete it then you have not given us your consent to communicate with you.

Please follow this link to complete consent. Please fill out all fields.


For more information on GDPR refer to the following link.

Club secretaries should also confirm who should have access rights on the membership system in their clubs. A further reminder email will be sent. Please email with responses.


Club Profiling and Club Development Plans

The 2017/2018 season is nearing its conclusion as clubs nationwide begin to wind down on activities. Whilst many clubs will take a break for a number of weeks, others will kickstart their summer clubs to continue playing in the coming months. Details of those clubs will be gathered and available on the Badminton Ireland website from June onwards.

This stage of the year offers clubs the opportunity to review their club practices as a whole, assess what aspects of the organisation are going well, what can be improved, and determine how to improve these components. With this in mind we are publishing this particular news article to assist clubs in reviewing their club practices by conducting club profiling, which in turn will aid them to conduct a (S)trengths (W)eaknesses (O)pportunities (T)hreats analysis of their club practices.

Reviewing club practices under the headings of Governance, Development, Coaching, Membership, Safeguarding, Club Income, Public Relations, Partnerships, Inclusiveness, and Events, will enable the club to identify areas of strengths and required improvements across various facets of their organisation. Once this step is completed clubs can begin to roadmap the direction they wish to take in the short, medium, and long-term by outlining its vision, mission, and through setting objectives to help the club reach the level which the club and its members have set out for it in its development plan.

A club development plan is not only useful for providing direction for the club and its members, but having a plan documented is also massively advantageous for clubs who intend to submit funding applications to various bodies (e.g. Sports Capital Grant, Local Community Funding through Local Sports Partnerships etc.).

The Club Profiling and Club Development Planning document is available here.

In addition to this a variety of resources for development can be found on the new Club Development Initiative page on the website.

Any clubs who would like assistance in conducting club profiling, or require guidance and suggestions in creating a club development strategy, can email  

For all the latest Badminton Ireland news and updates follow our Facebook and Twitter.


Fiach Andrews

Development Officer




FZ Forza All All Ireland Inter League Finals Review

After a long season of league games. Each team that played in the All Ireland Inter League Finals had already had very successful season. The competition was made up of the winners of the provincial league finals. Teams from Connacht, Leinster & Munster came to University of Limerick to compete against each other on 13th May 2018 


Each Grade apart from Grade C would see teams compete in groups of three over the course of the day. The first round of fixtures would see the Leinster and Munster teams square off against each other with the winner having a chance later in the day to win the All-Ireland League title. The loser of the first game would face the Connacht representative in their group. The competition would end with the Connacht team facing off against the winner of the opening fixture.


Two Grades saw all three teams winning one game each and therefore meaning that the individual Matches would be counted. In the Grade E League Final, all three teams where extremely evenly matched. Kilmessan ended up All-Ireland winners as they won their total matches 8-6, beating out Moyvanne who had won 7 and Sligo City who had won 6. The Grade F All Ireland Finals was also decided by matches won. Sligo City came out eventual winners over Carrigaline and Mullingar winning 8 out of their 14 matches.


Grade D saw Lakewood win both their ties 6-1 & 4-3 over GLTC (2nd) and Baltinglass (3rd) to win the All-Ireland Title. In what was a close last game against GLTC. Lakewood won two of the three mixed doubles matches to win the tie and subsequently the League title. The Grade G saw Claregalway come away with the title after wins over Nomads & Tourin. Claregalway will be very happy after a tough victory in the first tie against Nomads when Brian Casserly & Audrey O'Toole won 22-20 in the final game to set up a victory against Tourin in the second tie. In the Grade H Crimlin came away with the All-Ireland league final after convincing wins against Mullingar and Moycarkey Borris. The Grade C was decided by a straight final between Ladylane & Johnswell. With many matches going to three games, the overall tie could have gone either way. Ladylane however came through very strong in the mixed doubles to win the overall tie 5-2.


Badminton Ireland would like to congratulate all the teams that won their respective Grades.


Click here for list of all the winners

Clcik here for the official photographs

Click here for live stream


Men's singles
1  Nhat Nguyen13,850
2  Joshua Magee9,410
3  Scott Evans7,755
4  Jack O'Brien6,930
5  Mark Brady5,920
6  Jonathan Dolan4,950
7  Adam McAllister4,880
8  Sam McKay4,300
9  Nigel Boyne4,050
10  Callum Thomas4,010
Women's singles
1  Rachael Darragh7,119
2  Moya Ryan6,550
3  Kate Frost6,145
4  Rebecca Woods5,260
5  Rachael Woods4,960
6  Sara Boyle3,080
7  Orla Flynn3,040
8  Chloe Magee2,183
9  Keady Smith2,090
10  Niamh Gannon1,620
Men's doubles
1  Sam Magee11,850
2  Joshua Magee11,830
3  Paul Reynolds10,350
4  Nhat Nguyen9,000
5  Adam McAllister6,580
6  Daniel Magee6,210
7  Mark Brady6,020
8  Ciaran Chambers6,020
9  Sam McKay5,950
10  Brian O'Mahony5,730
Women's doubles
1  Jennie King8,570
2  Moya Ryan7,220
3  Rachael Darragh7,210
4  Sara Boyle7,210
5  Kate Frost6,650
6  Rebecca Woods6,440
7  Sinead Chambers6,150
8  Vicki Pesti5,120
9  Chloe Magee4,733
10  Rachael Woods4,720
Mixed doubles
1  Chloe Magee21,870
1  Sam Magee21,870
3  Ciaran Chambers9,280
3  Sinead Chambers9,280
5  Scott Evans8,370
6  Rachael Darragh7,550
7  Jennie King7,020
7  Daniel Magee7,020
9  Paul Reynolds6,730
10  Adam McAllister4,950

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