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High Performance

Irish players prepare for the AIG FZ Forza Irish Open with international sparring read more….

The AIG FZ Forza Irish open will commence next week at the National Indoor Arena in Blanchardstown. The Irish players have been preparing for this event with a number of additions to their daily training.




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Annual Awards Night Nominations Still Open and Tickets Selling Fast

The 2018 Badminton Ireland Awards Night will be taking place on Saturday, 1st December at the Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport. The Badminton Ireland Awards Night is an opportunity to recognize contributions made by clubs and individuals throughout the country. A four-course dinner, live entertainment and special presentations make for a fantastic evening.

A limited amount of early bird tickets are still available at €39* per person so reserve your place today as tickets prices will go up. You can email or call the office on +353 1 839 3028 to reserve your ticket or book reduced rate accommodation for members.


Please click on the link below for nomination forms and details. 




High Performance

Great Numbers Drive Opening National Squad Session

With over 130 people registering for the National Squads it was a busy day in the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena. There was U13, U15, U17 U19/Senior, Masters (pictured in header photo) and Para Squads (pictured in header photo) in attendance. Players travelled from across all four provinces to participate in the opening squad, which was a trial session. At the start of each of the squad trial sessions, first the underage players had to take the beep test. Everyone recorded their beep test score on a sheet and handed it into the coaches who were overseeing the line that had to be hit each time. After the beep test had finished the players went into matches which the coaches were coordinating.

A huge thank you to all of the coaches who volunteer for each of their squads and well done to all of the players who travelled from across the country and made the day such a great success. 

We also wish the Para-Badminton Squad all the best as they put in some last preparation at the National Squads for their upcoming European Championships in France.

For more details on the squad criteria for team selection click on this link.

                                                               U13 Squad 

                                                                U15 Squad

                                                                  U17 Squad

                                                                  U19 Squad 


Men's singles
1  Nhat Nguyen12,854
2  Joshua Magee9,740
3  Sam McKay6,580
4  Jack O'Brien6,180
5  Mark Brady6,050
6  Callum Thomas5,230
7  Azhar Syed5,215
8  David Walsh5,120
9  Adam McAllister4,850
10  Nigel Boyne4,270
Women's singles
1  Rachael Darragh7,519
2  Kate Frost7,250
3  Orla Flynn7,050
4  Moya Ryan6,403
5  Rachael Woods5,950
6  Rebecca Woods4,090
7  Alexandra Troy3,100
8  Sara Boyle2,540
9  Chloe Magee2,183
10  Pamela Pontanosa2,070
Men's doubles
1  Joshua Magee14,240
2  Paul Reynolds12,050
3  Sam Magee8,890
4  Sam McKay8,470
5  Ciaran Chambers8,400
6  Daniel Magee8,310
7  Mark Brady6,430
8  Nhat Nguyen5,580
9  Adam McAllister5,120
10  Ryan Stewart5,120
Women's doubles
1  Kate Frost9,590
1  Moya Ryan9,590
3  Rachael Woods6,790
3  Rebecca Woods6,790
5  Jennie King6,170
6  Vicki Pesti5,170
7  Orla Flynn5,055
8  Rachael Darragh4,823
9  Sara Boyle4,750
10  Alexandra Troy4,725
Mixed doubles
1  Chloe Magee19,550
1  Sam Magee19,550
3  Ciaran Chambers9,530
4  Daniel Magee8,970
5  Rachael Darragh8,380
6  Paul Reynolds8,380
7  Moya Ryan6,660
8  Kate Frost6,360
9  Adam McAllister5,800
10  Sinead Chambers5,310

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