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2018-19 National squad player registration deadline Friday September 14th

We would like to inform you that application for the 2018-19 National squads is now open. For this season's squads, players can register by printing the registration form by clicking on this link. The completed registration form should be sent to Badminton Ireland along with the opening squad fee (€15) by September 14th. This should be sent to Badminton Ireland, Irish Sports HQ, National Sports Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

If there is any reason why a player may be unavailable to attend the opening squad please contact

The squad locations and times can be seen in below table

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High Performance

Ireland create upset on day two of European Junior championships

Ireland have started day two of the European Junior Championship on a high read more....




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50% new member discount expanding to include brand new Juveniles

Badminton Ireland is now announcing that the 50% new member discount is now expanding to include brand new Juveniles. This special offer applies to juveniles that have never been affiliated to Badminton Ireland before.

Avail of this opportunity to affiliate your new juveniles at half price.      

Please see the table below for all affiliation fees in 2018/19.
















€35 / £27.50

New BI Adult




€17.5 / £13.75





€16 / £12.50

New BI Juvenile




€8 / £6.25



Men's singles
1  Nhat Nguyen12,854
2  Joshua Magee9,740
3  Jack O'Brien6,930
4  Mark Brady5,770
5  Adam McAllister5,160
6  Sam McKay4,680
6  Jonathan Dolan4,680
8  Callum Thomas4,140
9  Nigel Boyne3,920
10  Scott Evans3,425
Women's singles
1  Rachael Darragh7,519
2  Kate Frost6,720
3  Moya Ryan6,403
4  Rebecca Woods5,260
5  Rachael Woods5,170
6  Orla Flynn3,040
7  Chloe Magee2,183
8  Keady Smith2,090
9  Sara Boyle1,990
10  Alexandra Troy1,930
Men's doubles
1  Joshua Magee14,240
2  Paul Reynolds13,260
3  Sam Magee10,610
4  Nhat Nguyen8,080
5  Daniel Magee6,360
6  Adam McAllister6,290
7  Mark Brady6,020
8  Ciaran Chambers6,020
9  Sam McKay5,950
10  Brian O'Mahony5,730
Women's doubles
1  Jennie King7,870
2  Moya Ryan7,220
3  Kate Frost6,750
4  Rebecca Woods6,540
5  Vicki Pesti5,270
6  Rachael Darragh4,823
7  Rachael Woods4,820
8  Sara Boyle4,750
9  Sinead Chambers4,750
10  Chloe Magee4,733
Mixed doubles
1  Chloe Magee20,870
1  Sam Magee20,870
3  Rachael Darragh8,380
4  Paul Reynolds8,380
5  Ciaran Chambers7,930
5  Sinead Chambers7,930
7  Daniel Magee7,020
8  Jennie King6,320
9  Scott Evans4,970
10  Adam McAllister4,630

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