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Badminton Ireland National Coach

Badminton Ireland regrets to announce that National Coach John Quinn has resigned. Quinn is stepping down from his role as HP coach to return to England and spend more time with his family.

Joining Badminton Ireland after the RIO Olympics in 2016, John Quinn has had a significant contribution to Irish Badminton. He has overseen the significant achievements in recent years such as the historic European Senior Medal won by Sam and Chloe Magee in Kolding, Denmark in 2017 and Nhat Nguyen’s European Junior Medal success earlier this year.

“We are sad to see John depart from Irish Badminton, but we all understand and respect his motives for doing so. On behalf of Badminton Ireland, I would like to thank John for his time and dedication to Irish Badminton and wish him well for the future” Said David McGill (CEO)

High Performance and Training Director Dan Magee remarked "It was a pleasure working with John during his time in Ireland. John has a strong work ethic, and he brought some great knowledge to our training group. We have had some very strong results under John as head coach including two European medals. I wish John all the best going forward, and I have no doubt we will cross paths many more times on the badminton circuit."

Badminton Ireland has begun advertising for the role of National Coach (Which can be seen HERE) and hope to appoint a suitable candidate in the new year.

High Performance

Ireland beat top seeds of group 7 Bulgaria in Sofia

Ireland have made a great start to the European mixed team qualifiers by beating the top seeds in group 7, Bulgaria read more....




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2018-2019 Membership Season has begun

Dear All,

As you all might know,  the 2017-2018 membership season ended on 30/11/2018,  it’s time to renew your membership for the 2018-2019 season if you have not affiliated already. Please click in and read more

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Men's singles
1  Nhat Nguyen12,114
2  Joshua Magee10,760
3  Mark Brady6,640
4  Sam McKay6,580
5  Jack O'Brien5,710
6  David Walsh5,330
7  Callum Thomas4,640
8  Azhar Syed4,515
9  Adam McAllister3,470
10  Sean Patrick Laureta3,040
Women's singles
1  Kate Frost7,250
2  Orla Flynn7,050
3  Rachael Darragh6,779
4  Moya Ryan4,913
5  Rachael Woods4,630
6  Sara Boyle3,480
7  Alexandra Troy3,200
8  Rebecca Woods3,020
9  Jessica Leung2,340
10  Chloe Magee2,183
Men's doubles
1  Joshua Magee14,450
2  Paul Reynolds13,840
3  Sam McKay7,900
4  Ciaran Chambers7,660
5  Daniel Magee6,890
6  Mark Brady4,890
7  Sam Magee4,880
8  Stuart Lightbody4,580
9  Callum Thomas4,450
10  Tony Murphy4,090
Women's doubles
1  Kate Frost9,590
2  Moya Ryan9,590
3  Rachael Woods6,740
3  Rebecca Woods6,740
5  Sara Boyle5,970
6  Orla Flynn5,605
7  Alexandra Troy5,275
8  Vicki Pesti5,220
9  Rachael Darragh4,943
10  Megan Bredin4,590
Mixed doubles
1  Chloe Magee19,580
1  Sam Magee19,580
3  Rachael Darragh9,200
4  Paul Reynolds9,200
5  Ciaran Chambers8,240
6  Daniel Magee7,270
7  Moya Ryan6,840
8  Kate Frost6,360
9  Adam McAllister5,180
10  Vicki Pesti4,660

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FZ Forza Irish...

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